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Snow and dreaming of a White Christmas racist, depends on your University

White Christmas

University College of London was forced to apologize for referring to Bing Crosby’s White Christmas while informing students they would remain open amid snowfall.

The University set off a twitter firestorm of young snowflake idiots saying the statement was “a little racist’ and “you know who else likes snow? Nazis”. So the University did what liberal Universities do they apologized to the idiot snowflakes. Just once I would like to see one of these “Institutions of Higher Learning” not be simply an institution.

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You may say this is in London and insignificant but America’s Liberal Institutions are leaning the in the same direction. Safe spaces with color crayons, play dough and bubbles. Until adults put an end to this type of madness it will continue. And real racism is devalued because every word a white person utters is called racism.

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