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Roger Goodell stars as the 50 million dollar man

Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is apparently wanting to become the 50 million dollar man. This is the amount Goodell has requested in contract negotiations along with lifetime use of a private jet.

Goodell, whose proposed contract with the NFL currently is undergoing and approval process, asked the league’s compensation committee in August to raise his salary from $30 million to $49.d million per year, ESPN reported Sunday.

I guess when you are in the middle of destroying the NFL it is an additional burden to be expected to live on a measly 30 million dollars per year. Think about it for a minute. Goodell who has been the patsy behind the NFL anthem protest and been in charge during a two-year decline in ratings wants almost 1 million dollars per week to do what? Hand out fines and determine if players are wearing the right socks?

Goodell also has requested lifetime use of a private jet and lifetime health insurance for his family.

Goodell and Jerry Jones have been in the midst of battle for two years over Ezekiel Elliott suspensions and Jones has threatened to sue if a contract is reached without approval of team owners.

An unnamed NFL owner told ESPN that there are “several owners in this league who don’t make $40 million a year.” The owner added: “That number for Roger just seems too much. It’s offensive. It’s unseemly.”

Goodell has made headlines in recent months for his handling of league players protesting during the national anthem ahead of NFL games.

Roger Goodell said last month “we want our players to stand” during the anthem, but stopped short of imposing a rule for players to do so.

One team owner, regarding the possibility Goodell possibly would leave his position, said “the problem” with the NFL is “no one is talking about games anymore.”

“It’s about concussions, Jones vs. Goodell, [Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension], the anthem. No one is talking about football. It’s just killing the game,” the owner told ESPN.

Another owner told the sports network that “Roger is defiant,” and they don’t believe he’ll “take a pay cut” or resign as commissioner of the NFL.

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