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Monday Night Football 4th lowest ratings, sure give Roger Goodell 50 million

Monday night football

Monday Night Football week 10 pitted a pitiful Jay Cutler led Miami Dolphins team against the Carolina Panthers so the excitement level was low. But the NFL 31 owners not named Jerry Jones might want to take notice of the television ratings before giving Roger Goodell his 50 million per year, private jet for life and lifetime health benefits that I am guessing are better than the Obamacare networks offer.

Week 10 of Monday night football was the 4th lowest television rating in the history of MNF. The game drew a 6.2 rating, the fourth lowest since ESPN began broadcasting games in 2006. The years lowest MNF game Titans and the Luckless Indianapolis Colts which drew a 6.1.


Sunday’s Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears game averaged a 22.4 rating in Chicago and a monstrous 39.5 rating in Milwaukee, strong numbers for a couple of non-playoff bound teams. The game however was in the famed Soldier Field in Chicago where sellouts are the norm and tickets are ridiculously priced and the stadium was half full.


  • Seattle’s ratings have remained consistent since the 2013 season with Thursday night’s game against Arizona averaging a 39.3 and a prior game against Washington averaging a 39.9 rating.Keep in mind Seattle is on the left coast and a solid blue state with the current head idiot Michael Bennett (famed for running from Las Vegas police then complaining he was targeted as a black man) leading whatever he is protesting now.

Plummeting ratings have raised concerns across NFL front offices and league headquarters, with good reason. Still, the NFL remains the top draw on television by a long shot, and the league’s declines are in line with the decline in ratings across all of TV. If Monday Night Football cannot draw a TV crowd anymore other owners might want to side with Jerry Jones and reconsider opening the vault for Roger Goodell.

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