Addressing the elephant in the room

Judge Moore being Borked by liberal press, Democrats and two RINO’s

Democrat are opening the same old playbook with Judge Moore in Alabama. Judge Moore is a conservative Republican running for US Senate. The Washington Post has dug up 40-year-old allegations of sexual impropriety with a minor against Judge Moore. The establishment with the help of the liberal media are trying to Bork and Thomas Judge Moore. These are tactics they used to keep Conservative Judge Robert Bork off the Supreme Court and nearly blocked Clarence Thomas.

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Sexual misconduct only seems to matter to the Democrats and liberal media when it involves a Conservative Republican. When President Clinton was in office and was having sex with interns in the oval office we were told that sex was a personal matter. There was even a debate if oral sex is even sex. During the investigation there was a big debate over the definition of “Is.”


Meanwhile current US Democrat Senator Robert Menendez is reported to have had sex with underage hookers in the Dominican Republic. The lawyers in the Menendez case say their investigation resulted from “specific”, corroborated allegations that defendants Menendez and Melgan (separate charges that Menendez took bribes from Florida eye doctor)  had sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

Where is the mainstream press, the Democrats and RINO Republicans McConnell and McCain on the Menendez allegations. Are they calling for Menendez to step down immediately because of the seriousness of the charges? No.

When Democrats are involved in Sexual allegations the press and other Democrats rally around the accused. They find ways to smear the accuser and make them out to be tramps and liars. With Republicans it is the same old playbook. The charges against Judge Moore had to be coerced out to the victim and if they did occur it was almost 40 years ago.

If Judge Moore was as the Liberal Media, Democrats and RINO Republicans McCain and McConnell portray some sort of sexual predator in his youth he should have to pay the price. But more than likely this is more of the same from the left, same playbook as Bork and Thomas.

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