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Jeff Sessions open to special counsel to investigate Crooked Hillary and Uranium One

special counsel

Attorney General Jeff Session is leaving open the possibility that a special counsel could be appointed to specifically investigate Crooked Hillary and the Obama era Uranium One dealings with Russia.

The additional special council and the money spent on this council would be needed because Robert Mueller is not doing his job. The directive of Robert Mueller states ; Appointment of Special Counsel to investigate Russian Interference with the 2016 Presidential election and related matters. Mueller has the authority to investigate Crooked Hillary but has been so fixated on President Trump he has chosen not to.

The Justice department said in a letter to the House Judiciary Committee Monday that Sessions had directed senior federal prosecutors to “evaluate certain issues” raised in recent weeks by members of Congress, which include allegations that the Clinton Foundation benefited from a years-old uranium transaction involving a Russian-backed company.

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President Trump has used Twitter to repeatedly urge Sessions to open an investigation into Crooked Hillary and the Obama administration. The allegation  that the Clinton Foundation benefited to the tune of 145 million dollars in the Obama administration sale of 20% of the US uranium to Russia deserves an investigation.

Everyone knows Bill Clinton is not worth $500,000 per speech Russia is rumored to have paid him.

The prosecutors will report to Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and recommend whether any new investigations should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation require additional resources and whether it might be necessary to appoint a special counsel to oversee a probe, according to a letter the Judiciary Committee’s Republican chairman, Rep. Robert Goodlatte.

Any appointment of a new special counsel, particularly in response to calls from members of Congress or from Trump himself, is likely to lead to criticism complaints about an undue political influence on a department that is meant to function outside of any partisan sway or demand.

Though the Justice Department falls within the executive branch, and its priorities are historically in line with those of the president, the White House is not supposed to influence the decisions of prosecutors on any particular cases.

The Justice Department sought to address those concerns in its letter, with Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd saying that the department “will never evaluate any matter except on the facts and the law.”

“Professionalism, integrity and public confidence in the department’s work is critical for us, and no priority is higher,” he added.

The Democrats are quick to call for investigation and state that the seriousness of the charges warrant an investigation. Look at what is happening with Roy Moore and unproven charges that allegedly occurred nearly 40 years ago. There is enough information to warrant a special counsel investigation into Crooked Hillary and the Obama Administration.

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