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Powerful Congressional Democrat settled sexual harassment claim

sexual harassment

Another bombshell of sexual harassment has come to light on capitol hill this time involving powerful Democrat Congressman John Conyers. Conyers settled a complaint with an ex-employee who said she was fired because she did not “succumb to [his] sexual advances.”

In documents obtained by BuzzFeed News, several former staff members reportedly accused Conyers of requesting sexual favors, rubbing their hands sexually and rubbing their legs and backs.

The central woman in the case reportedly believed she had no other option than to remain quiet and take the settlement.

I have two comments on this story and issue. There is no doubt that powerful men try to use their influence to score with women. The other side of the story is every pat on the back or complement does not equal sexual harassment. I think to a large extent this is an attack on men and an attempt to label all men as sexual predators. To the ugly old men with money that are trying to score with women, stop it. To the young hot women who are using their hourglass figure and charm to get in rich old men’s bank accounts, you should stop doing that also.

I met John Conyers on a flight home from the Greenbrier Golf resort in West Virginia. We were on a very small Delta puddle jumper. I sat down I was reading George W Bush’ book. He made a comment about knowing him, then made another about sponsoring some bills. That caught my attention and he introduced himself. We had very pleasant conversation even though he was a big lib and reducing Detroit to ruins and I am right-wing conservative. Anyway he was a very pleasant man.

The woman in the John Conyers sexual harassment case took a settlement from the congressional sexual harassment hush fund (see next post on this topic).“I was basically blackballed. There was nowhere I could go,” she told Buzzfeed News.

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