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Al Franken from rising star to just another Democrat Perv

rising star

Al Franken was apparently a rising star in the Democrat party. Now this is good news for President Trump because the names that have been floated so far are Michelle Obama (seriously) and Al Franken. According to AP Franken had risen to a point where he was seriously considered a 2020 possibility.  If these are the best the Democrats have to offer Trump is a shoo in for 2020. Al Franken a rising star, seriously?

After spending much of his nearly nine years as senator trying to shed his funnyman image and quietly digging into issues like internet access and consumer protection, he was now a draw at political events and mentioned by some as a 2020 presidential possibility. Months of savaging some of President Donald Trump’s appointees had turned the Harvard-educated Franken into a weapon of choice for Democrats eager to attack the administration and energize party voters. He brandished comedy as a bludgeon.

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Now, Franken’s rising trajectory has been interrupted by allegations he had physical contact with two women without their permission. He faces a Senate ethics investigation for improper conduct and hasn’t been seen publicly since the first claims of misbehavior last week. His future is suddenly unclear.

“It’s always a great disappointment when leaders you like and admire do bad stuff,” said Mike Lux, a liberal Democratic consultant. He said it was premature to say how the allegations would affect Franken’s career. But, Lux added, “If more incidents come to light, he’s got a real problem.”

Los Angeles radio anchor Leeann Tweeden last week said Franken had put his tongue in her mouth during a 2006 USO tour, before he became senator. She also posted a photo of him with his hands above her chest as she slept wearing a flak vest aboard a military plane. Franken, 66, has apologized.

Another woman, Lindsay Menz, said Monday he’d squeezed her buttocks in 2010 while posing for a photo at the Minnesota State Fair. Franken, by then a senator, said he didn’t remember the picture but expressed remorse that Menz felt “disrespected.”

Franken canceled a sold-out appearance in Atlanta to promote his book, “Al Franken, Giant of the Senate.” His aides have said he’s “spending time with his family and doing a lot of reflecting.”

Al Franken is no longer a rising star. If Congress wasn’t a complete swamp he would be out of the Senate already.

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