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VP Pence left NFL game after players disrespect flag

Pence left NFL

Vice President Pence left NFL game between the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers. It happened  after around 20 San Francisco players disrespected the flag kneeling during the anthem.

San Francisco has been on of the main teams to double down on protest after President Trumps fire the SOB’s comments. Pence was having none of the protest. I’m sure the liberals will complain for days about how Pence left NFL. How his actions did not allow for free speech. But free speech has consequences. Below are some of Pence’s comments on Twitter.

The Vice President concluded his post  by saying “I stand with President Trump, I stand with our soldiers, and I will always stand for our flag and National Anthem.”

The atmosphere in the NFL has been shaky since President Trump spoke out on standing for the anthem. Many teams knelt or protested the first weekend after the comments. Perhaps the most egregious protest was from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Where a decision was made to stay in the tunnel for the anthem. But one lone patriot Alejandro Villanueva, a three tour Afghanistan veteran stood outside the tunnel proudly with his hand over his heart.

He was criticized by Shannon Sharpe and forced to apologize for his actions. Which was respecting his country. When players on Sunday disrespected the flag Vice President Pence left NFL game which is a shame for the NFL. And shame on Roger Goodell for letting this go on so long.

Pence actions were apparently at the direction of the President. Trump had requested that Pence leave in the event of disrespectful actions. The league has suffered ratings declines and decline in attendance since the protest began. And the ratings decline has increased with the increase in protest. The Vice President leaving a game because of protest will not help.

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