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Islam goal is to overthrow Europe, are they succeeding?

executive order

President Trump’s executive order on January 27 halting all refugee admissions and temporarily barring people from seven Muslim-majority countries has been called by liberals a “muslim ban.” Perhaps Europeans wish their weak pacifist leaders had the courage to institute such a ban.

According to well-known Norwegian journalist and author, Hege Storhaug the goal of Islamist is to overthrow Europe.

– The radical Islamists goal is to overthrow Europe. It is not something I say. They say it themselves. People should read the program of these movements and mosques, and take their programs seriously, said Storhaug.

She warned against the wave of immigrants coming to Europe, and pointed out that increased immigration will make it harder to maintain political control over society.

The radical Islamists are willing to use violence to achieve their goals. What they stand for is by definition a totalitarian, tyrannical and anti-Semitic ideology. What they stand for is not in any way consistent with our society’s ideals of equality, religious freedom and freedom of expression, said Storhaug.

– This is not about a common community like so many leftists like to portray it. This project is about segregation, said Storhaug. She stated that there are parallel societies in a number of European cities, where entire neighborhoods are controlled by radical Muslims.

The goal of Islam is to use violence to achieve their goals. And the only reason they have not had European type success yet in the United States is they have not achieved majority status yet. In the US, Dearborn Michigan is the largest muslim population with 41.7% of the population from Middle Eastern countries. Trump’s executive order is an attempt to slow the growth of immigrants from terrorist countries. Something Europe would have been wise to do years ago.


– Tower Hamlet in London is an  example of European city taken over by muslims. When you come up from the subway you enter into a society where virtually all women are covered. There is a greater degree of covering than one experiences in Pakistan, and it says something about the forces that govern this society, said Storhaug.

John Karlsen, who is political deputy in FrP Troms says “- We should think carefully about the situation we are in today. I think Storhaug is absolutely right about that we have to stop the migration. We must take action early, and we are already behind. We must in some way stop it.

We had asylum centers in my municipality and the lessons from that period has led me to object to new asylum centers. We had rapes, murder, all the worst thing you can have.

President Trump’s executive order showed courage to confront our enemy. It shows that he truly wants to “Make America Great again.”

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