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San Juan mayor learns a valuable lesson not to mess with Trump

San Juan mayor

San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz learned a valuable lesson yesterday regarding President Trump. Don’t Tread on me. Trump completely ignored Cruz during a press conference held to discuss aide relief for the hurricane Maria devastated island.

On Saturday the leftist Hillary Clinton supporting mayor held a press conference and lied about Presidents Trump’s response to the Maria hurricane disaster. She said the President was incompetent and that “Puerto Ricans were dying in the streets.” Well she was lying, see post below and aid has been swift. In fact she is such a poor liar she held the press conference in the port in front of many pallets of aide.

Trump in his response Tuesday was not very Presidential. But he acted as on should when dealing with a liberal bully. He called her out and embarrassed her by ignoring her and praising the Governor Ricardo Rosselló. Trump said in a twitter post  “the mayor, who was very complimentary only a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump.”

Trump in his remarks praised FEMA and all the Government agencies for getting to Puerto Rico early and responding quickly to the crisis. And Governor Rossello also praised the US response and said they have a long way to go but couldn’t have gotten this far without the tremendous help from the United States.

Also in the press conference Congresswoman Jennifer Gonzalez Colon spoke an said the news coverage was completely wrong and that Trump had been very responsive and FEMA was very proactive in their response. It is clear that the San Juan mayor is a leftist Democrat and using this tragedy to pick a fight with Trump. She attacked the wrong person and learned her lesson by being completely ignored.

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2 Comments to San Juan mayor learns a valuable lesson not to mess with Trump

  1. Anthony says:

    And what do you think today on Nember 1st, do you think that proper aide has been given to the handicapped, children cannnot go to school, people are being operated on with flashlights, no clean water, 75% still do not have electricity, people buried alive in mudslides, people had to leave Puerto Rico to get diálisis and chemotherapy, how about the elderly and their medicines. Do you really believe you that “the mayor was taught a lesson”? You should be embarrassed even writing such an article.; as you see today you cannot and will not shut her up, because she speaks the truth

    • I think PR is the victim of poor liberal leadership. Just like Chicago, Detroit and on a greater scale Venezuela. Are we supposed to rebuild the entire infrastructure that your liberal leadership has neglected for so long?

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