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Trump has won the NFL Anthem battle

NFL Anthem battle

President Trump has won the NFL Anthem battle. He has done it by redefining the battle into a matter of National Pride and Patriotism.

After all the playing of the National Anthem at sporting events began after World War II as a way to show pride in our returning soldiers. I doubt Colin Kaepernick or any of the San Francisco 49ers even know this. Some do not even seem to know why they are protesting anymore. After all it began with Kaepernick saying he was protesting how white cops target blacks. Now players say it is about equality. Well if it is in fact equality they want I am not sure how much more equal the NFL can get. It is over 70% black.

The fact that Trump has won the NFL Anthem battle will not is not really debatable at this point. ESPN’s Stephen A Smith admitted that Trump has won, even though he does not approve of Trump and feels the battle was waged for spite because Trump was not allowed in the good old boy network of NFL owners.

Another sign that Trump has won the NFL Anthem battle are that owners are coming out and saying their players will stand or face consequences. And this is what should have happened from the beginning and the NFL would not have faced the ratings mess they are currently in.

This week Jerry Jones said any player with the Dallas Cowboys that does not stand will be benched. Weather that happens or not will remain to be seen. After all Jerry Jones has played Charles Haley, Greg Hardy and most recently star running back Ezekiel Elliott all faced or are facing in Elliott’s case wife or girlfriend abuse charges.

Another sign Trump has won the NFL Anthem battle is Dolphins owner Steven Ross this week said he would prefer the Dolphins stand for the anthem. Dolphins coach Adam Gase gas instituted a rule stating that players will stand or stay in the tunnel or locker room.

The last indication that Trump has won the NFL anthem battle is the league itself is considering a rules change to require players to stand similar to the current NBA rule. This is a battle that should not have been waged on the playing field in the first place. Colin Kaepernick should have received¬† fines after the first time he took a knee. Roger Goodell staged a silly two-year battle over a deflated football in a blowout game, yet he didn’t have the balls to tell one player to stand for the Anthem. . So Trump had to.

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