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Something is wrong with House minority leader Pelosi and it’s not just that she is liberal

House minority leader

Something is wrong with the House minority leader Pelosi and it’s not just that she is a liberal. Recently she froze during a question with on an open mic and Sunday on MSNBC she was barely making any sense. Nancy Pelosi’s trouble with the English language seems to be growing by the day.

During a Sunday morning appearance on MSNBC, the House Minority Leader stumbled over words, struggled to form sentences, and called special counsel Robert Mueller “mother.”


After calling an ad advocating for Trump’s impeachment “great.”

“If you become Speaker of the House in January 2019, will you push for the impeachment of this president,” Joy Reid asked Pelosi.

“You know, I’ve served a long time,” Pelosi responded, “on the intel— ethics committee in the Congress. It’s one of the dues that I’ve paid to the caucus and it’s only about the facts and the law.

“If he’s broken the law, you would think there would be a bipartisan move to do that,” she said.

“But because we don’t like his policy and we don’t like his attitude— well, don’t let me go into all the things we don’t like about the president on a Sunday morning,” she continued.

“Uh, uh, that’s, you know, if people have the facts— that’s why I would like us to have an independent, uh, commission. We have an investigation within the Justice Department. We have an investigation within the Congress. We should have an outside investigation to what, as to what happened,” Pelosi said.

Reid responded, “If Robert Mueller comes back with a report saying that there is evidence of collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia, do you believe he should be impeached?”

Pelosi again tried to avoid answering the question, and stammered her way through a string of words, including calling Mueller “mother.”

“Well, it— first of all, what, what does mother— where does Mueller take that. Uh, but his, uh, his, uh, burden of proof is different than what it would be in the Congress of the United States and people should know that— that he has, uh, and maybe, uh, he could go to a criminal investigation of some of the people he’s investigating,” she said, seemingly groping for words.

“What we’re doing is saying— that what the measure of behavior, the Constitution of the United States, high crimes and misdemeanors,” she said, apparently grabbing any phrase that popped into her head.

Pelosi then said “we” have to fight Trump’s proposed tax cut, referring to the measure as “Armageddon.”

“This is it,” she claimed.

Pelosi the House minority leader was third in line for the presidency under Obama. Many liberals and the press which are one in the same have had much to say about Trump’s adequacy for the office. The Democrats have a real problem when Pelosi is the leader of their party and the house minority leader. She needs to be removed from the office but she is the largest fundraiser in the House. It really exposes the liberal press that the MSNBC reporter did not even correct Pelosi on the mother mistake.

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