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Crazy Maxine Waters is going to “take out” Trump

crazy Maxine Waters

Crazy Maxine Waters is at it again. The congresswoman who has said Trump is “unstable” now that is hilarious in and of itself coming from Crazy Maxine Waters. But she has now said she is going to “take out Trump tonight.” Not sure if that is a threat or just gangster talk from the moron congresswoman.

In August while accepting an award at the Black Girls Rock! show on BET, the longtime Los Angeles representative vowed to her critics: “if you come for me, I’m coming for you.”

The one-note impeachment minstrel Maxine Waters promised a group that benefits “homeless LGBTQ youth” that she will “take out” the president — and the liberal audience wildly applauded.

Appearing recently at the Ali Forney Center gala in New York City, it only took Waters 27 seconds before she slammed Trump.

Wow, what a moving evening this is,” Waters began on October 13 in a clip posted Friday.

“I’m sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali even though I never met him. And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take out Trump tonight,” she said as the crowd roared in approval and Waters pumped her fist.

Crazy Maxine Waters is a certified nut. If Steve Bannon wants to “drain the swamp” in the house he should run ads with Crazy Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson. Just run continuous clips of them talking. It doesn’t matter what they say just run clips of them talking. The Democrat party will be doomed.

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