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Crooked Hillary and DNC paid for Russian dossier

russian dossier

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid for the Russian dossier. Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the DNC reportedly hired the firm that assembled the infamous dossier that included salacious allegations about now President Trump.

A lawyer who represented the campaign retained the Washington research firm Russian GOS, which then hired a former British intelligence officer to dig up the unconfirmed dirt on Trump, according to the Washington Post.

The firm Fusion GPS had originally been funded by a still unknown GIO consultant firm during the combative 2016 GOP primary.

Clinton lawyer Marc E. Elias retained the firm in April 2016 and continued to fund the work until just days before the presidential election, the paper said.

The dossier includes explosive allegations about Trump’s behavior and his connections to businessmen in Moscow. According to the Wall Street Journal the Russian dossier was totally fabricated.  It was fake news as Donald Trump said.

The Russian dossier reports information from anonymous “trusted compatriots,” “knowledgeable sources,” “former intelligence officers,” and “ministry of foreign affairs officials.”  The report gives a fly-on-the-wall account of just about every conceivable event associated with Donald Trump’s Russian connections. It claims to know more than is knowable as it recounts sordid tales of prostitutes, “golden showers,” bribes, squabbles in Putin’s inner circle, and who controls the dossiers of kompromat (compromising information).

Crooked Hillary Clinton is as Trump said during the campaign an “evil woman.” This news is proof that she would do anything necessary to achieve power. Hillary Clinton and her sleazeball husband belong in prison. But I highly doubt that will happen.

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