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Open letter to Roger Goodell on social activism month in NFL

social activism month

Mr. Goodell I saw this morning where four NFL players have asked for a social activism month to raise awareness of black injustice . This month would be similar to the current breast cancer awareness campaign.

I am sure you are fully aware of the decline in revenue and viewership of the NFL. I feel like this the culmination of fans tiring of overpaid prima donnas taking away from the game.

One of the players involved in the request recently had a run in with the police in Las Vegas. He made an outlandish claim that the police put a gun to his head and told him to be still or they would “blow his f–king brains out” . It was later reported by police that this was not true at all, that in fact Mr. Bennett ran when they told the crowd to stay still.

The police in our country have a very difficult job. It is a job with many dangers and the pay is not nearly what the four players making this request are rewarded with. When faced with situations they encounter daily similar to the Las Vegas incident their duty is to protect and serve. When anyone does not obey their orders and chooses instead to run this makes an already difficult job impossible.

Social activism month

Chicago police scuffle with protesters. Doesn’t look like an easy job.

Now to the social activism related to the National Anthem. Michael Bennett, Colin Kaepernick and others have chosen this time during NFL games to raise their awareness. I really believe they have no clue the significance of standing for the National Anthem and paying respect to the flag.

I believe in part the blame for their idiocy could be the school systems they were raised in. They were not taught US History. How the US lost 1 million lives in WWII, 128,650 in Korea, 211,454 in Vietnam, and more recent almost 57,000 American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. These men and women died for all of our freedoms and the players of the NFL should be instructed to pay them the respect they deserve.

social activism month

World War II. Young men making sacrifices Michael Bennett has never made

One of the men that these players disrespect is my Grandfather James Brackett. He served in WWII and received a Purple Heart with 2 oak leaf clusters, bronze star and several other medals for his service. This means he sacrificed far greater than these NFL players.

Mr. Goodell you have lacked the courage so far to demand that these players stand and show respect to our country and the fallen soldiers that have protected their freedoms. I do not understand why.

I mean you made a laughing-stock out of the NFL for two years with the ridiculous “deflategate” scandal. It is hilarious that once you got your way and Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games last year that the Patriots continued to win and you had to award them the Lombardi trophy as Superbowl Champions last year.

The NFL has regulations on players for the headbands, chin straps, knee pads, socks and jerseys players can wear. Players have received fines for having their shirt tail out. But you do not have the guts to tell a few players to respect the anthem and flag.

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