Addressing the elephant in the room

Risk world’s most valuable sports franchise. Why would Jones do this?

sports franchise

The Dallas Cowboys are the world’s most valuable sports franchise at 4.2 billion dollars, according to an annual list compiled by Forbes magazine. They led the list for a second straight year and brought in 700 million in revenue in 2015.


Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys from H.R. bum bright in 1989 for 140 million dollars. Tom Landry coach of the Cowboys for 29 years was quickly replaced by Jones Arkansas roommate Jimmy Johnson. Jones fired Landry, the 29 year coach over his cell phone. This is why I have since that point hated the Dallas Cowboys.

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Prior to Monday night Jerry Jones had been one of the more outspoken owners to say he wanted his players standing for the National anthem. And Monday night they did indeed stand as team along with Jones and his son Steven for the anthem. Prior to the anthem though they joined the collective hissy fit of the NFL over President Trump’s weekend remarks and took a knee as a team.

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My question is why would you do this? Why would you risk damaging the world’s most valuable sports franchise to bow to the political correctness gods of the NFL. Jones had taken the high ground prior to the kneeling incident and for the most part the Cowboys had stayed out of the mire the rest of the league is in.


I again realize that they stood for the anthem. But the picture that will forever be ingrained in NFL Patriots across our great land is Jones owner of the world’s most valuable sports franchise on the planet on his knee with the team and that big shit eating grin on his face.


I am not sure the NFL or Jerry Jones realize how far they have overstepped the grace Americas football fans have given them. I mean every team is littered with thugs the Cowboys included. Ezekiel Elliott has been accused of domestic violence while at Ohio State. The Cowboys also tolerated Greg Hardy who is especially fond of beating up women. The fans have tolerated their nonsense and   wrongly looked the wrong way.


I think the NFL and Jerry Jones overplayed their hand on this issue. They will be ok for this season because season tickets are paid in advance. But Jones will pay a price se and I hope it was worth getting his political correctness badge.

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