Addressing the elephant in the room

Illegals allowed to vote in Maryland where next?

illegal immigrants voting
illegal immigrants voting

Maryland town where illegals vote then rescinded

Illegal immigrants voting is an issue that is coming up more and more in cities across the United States. President Trump absolutely must keep his campaign promises to build the wall and deport illegal immigrants.

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A small Maryland city this week allowed non-citizens including illegal immigrants to cast ballots in local elections-but they are just the latest to do so. If we are going to allow illegal immigrants voting rights what about felons? Earlier today the same Maryland city rescinded the election in which illegal immigrants voted but this is just a test, a test to measure the resolve of US citizens and our gutless politicians.

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“It’s a slippery slope,” said Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

College Park, which approved the policy Tuesday, became the 11th municipality in Maryland alone to allow non-citizens to vote in local races.

Supporters cast the change as an important step.

illegal immigrants voting

If illegals voted Republican wall would be built already

“To me, expanding access to the right to vote in our city is something that expands our community voice, not something that contracts it,” Mayor Patrick Wojahn said, according to the Washington Post.

These mayors have to repeat an oath in which they obey the law of the land. Yet when it comes to illegal immigration they are not. They must be held accountable.

College Park Councilmember Fazlul Kabir tried to rein in the measure. He said he introduced two amendments—one, to delay the vote to give the council more time to speak with constituents, and another to only allow green-card holders to participate in local elections. Both amendments were struck down.

Kabir said he did not vote at all.

“My problem was about the procedure. I think we went too fast, and didn’t give our residents a chance to speak—that was my frustration,” Kabir told Fox News on Friday. “It is a very heavy subject and we have to be very careful.”

Kabir told Fox News that he sees both “good things” and “risk” in allowing non-citizens to vote.

What good thing comes from allowing illegal immigrants voting rights? What is the point of the constitution or laws if these politicians are not made to enforce them?

San Francisco also plans to allow non-citizens to vote (you notice San Francisco calls them non-citizens not what they are Illegal Immigrants) in local board of education races beginning in 2018. In Massachusetts, both Amherst and Cambridge have moved to introduce non-citizen voting and are awaiting approval, according to the Massachusetts State House News Service.

For the past few years, New York City has weighed whether to allow non-citizens to participate in city elections.

illegal immigrants voting

Why have laws Gov. Cuomo?

And this week NY Governor signed an executive order telling police they cannot ask about “immigration status” when questioning suspects.

Trump has to win this challenge for illegal immigration because the end game for Democrats is to allow illegal immigrants voting rights. The reason for this is they are the party of Socialism. And for the most part with the exception of millennials supporting Bernie Sanders the country has rejected Socialism (or liberal, progressive however they spin it). So the only way Democrats can win elections is to allow illegal immigrants voting rights.





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