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Hillary Clinton “quite telling how Trump attacks black athletes”

black athletes

Hillary Clinton said it is “quite telling” that Trump is “willing to attack black athletes” but not white supremacists, the Klan or Putin. Clinton is weighing in on every issue. I suppose she still cannot figure out “what happened” . That she got her butt kicked in an election that was rigged in her favor. Seriously when will this woman just go away.

Clinton went on to say “he attacks black athletes as he did starting with his rally in Alabama. And he attacks them for protesting peacefully for equality, for standing up for what they believe. And he does it once again to “dog whistle” to his base and to try to detract attention from the other things that are going on. But it is quite telling that he is willing to attack black athletes.”

What does the biggest choker since the Atlanta Falcons mean about “dog whistle”? Now Trump supporters are no longer deplorables but instead we are dogs? And what is the attack on black athletes? Because Trump suggested that they should stand for the anthem or be fired this is an attack?

And they are now the black athletes are  protesting for equality? I thought we settled the equality issue in the US long ago. And if the NFL is protesting for equality I would say they have more than equality, the NFL is comprised of 65% black athletes.

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Hillary Clinton is and has always been a very divisive figure. I think she could really care less about the NFL controversy she is looking for any means as Congress and Barack Obama to de-legitimize the Trump Presidency. Hillary Clinton, Congress and Obama (thank God he is gone) are “the swamp” and they are scared to death of Trump.

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Clinton had every opportunity to be President. The odds were forever in her favor. And yet she found a way to lose. Now she  cannot just simply go away.  

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