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CONFUSION: Maxine Waters accuses Ben Carson of being ‘white-wing nationalist’

Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters’s is the national symbol of what is wrong with the Democratic party. She can’t remember what day it is, ok I give her a pass on that one. But then she thinks Ben Carson is a “White supremacist .” Time for the loony farm Maxine. And there were people worried about Kid Rock being qualified for Congress.

Maxine Waters’s latest rant against Donald Trump and his administration was so unhinged, it amounted to word spittle that could be hear on any street corner in L.A. This wasn’t the first time poor Maxine has been confused.


Appearing before the Los Angeles Community Review Board, Waters launched into Trump, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

Maxine Waters

Pretty sure not a white supremacist

Complaining there is “uncertainty” because of the Trump administration, Waters said, “Mr. Mnuchin, who is the Treasury Secretary, who is responsible for over 36,000 foreclosures in this area, is now the Secretary of the Treasury,” repeating herself.

“Standing next to him just yesterday, or day before yesterday, I’m getting these days mixed up,” the 79-year-old California congresswoman said.

She continued, “While the president was defending the white-wing (sic) nationalists and the KKK and all of those alt-right groups that were basically out there in Virginia literally beating and marching and ranting about Jews and black people, etc., etc.,” she said.

“But, this is what this Cabinet looks like,” she added, turning to Trump’s personnel, “where we talking about Mnuchin or Ben Carson,” as the audience whooped on the attack.

Waters then promised she would skewer him soon.

“He’s got to come before my committee. If you think ‘reclaiming my time’ that I did with Mnuchin, you wait till Ben Carson comes,” she said as the crowd erupted.


Maxine you would really be better off doing what Hillary did during the election, shut your mouth. My favorite quote is attributed most often to Abraham Lincoln “Better to be silent and thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.”

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