Texas School District Brings Back Corporal Punishment

It’s about time a school decided that you cannot reason with these little brats and time out does not work . No Fear of getting lit up. That works.

By Phoenix Brooks

A Texas school district has taken an interesting approach to discipline by bringing back corporal punishment as an option in its classrooms.
If you are a Millennial, and you had parents who believed in “time-outs,” you are probably unfamiliar with what this actually is.
Corporal punishment, simply put, is the use of physical pain or discomfiture to modify somebody’s behavior.
It could be something serious, like the Democratic Party Senator caning a Republican Party Senator almost to death for speaking out against slavery in 1856, or it could be something much less severe such as a parent swatting a disruptive child on their bottom when they act out.
According to the Caller Times, the Three Rivers Independent School District, in Texas, is bringing back policies that allow for a mild and controlled form of corporal punishment.
Using a paddle, which is likely going to be made from wood, teachers will be able to administer the physical discipline at their own discretion.
However, parents can opt their children out of the program by choosing to decline when asked as they are registering their children.
Three Rivers ISD Superintendent Mary Springs explained that the parents have the ultimate authority and control on whether or not their child participates in the corporal punishment program,
“If the parent is not comfortable with it, that’s the end of the discussion.”
Texas is one of several states that currently allows schools to enact corporal punishment policies.
The Two Rivers School District plans on implementing the new disciplinary procedures, and then measuring their effectiveness by observing whether the number of disciplinary referrals decreases or not.
What do you think about this? Would you allow your child to get their bottom swatted when they act out in school, or would you stand against this policy?
Do you believe corporal punishment is an effective means of instructing children on how to behave?



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