McCain urges Senators to work together on Healthcare in firey speach

We are so screwed when a sick RINO like McCain starts talking ‘reaching across the isle’ Get ready for more pork.

By Josh Delk – 07/25/17 04:31 PM EDT. John McCain (R-Ariz.) returned to the Senate on Tuesday, urging his colleagues to work together and “trust each other” during his first floor speech since being diagnosed with brain cancer.
“Let’s trust each other. Let’s return to regular order. We’ve been spinning our wheels on too many important issues because we keep trying to find a way to win without help from across the aisle,” McCain said from the Senate floor.
McCain’s speech came after a contentious vote to start debate on repealing and replacing Obamacare. Democrats remained seated and forced Republicans to put up the 50 votes to proceed to the legislation before they started voting.
McCain voted yes on proceeding to the bill, but he said he would oppose the legislation in its current form when it came time for final passage.
Instead, he urged leadership to throw their support behind crafting a bipartisan healthcare bill, despite intense pressure from the White House for GOP senators to go it alone and fulfill their years-long campaign pledge.
“Why don’t we try the old way of legislating in the Senate, the way our rules and customs encourage us to act. If this process ends in failure, which seem likely, then let’s return to regular order,” McCain said.
He called the current proposal a “shell of a bill” and said that the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee should hold hearings on Healthcare legislation.
President Trump and the White House have stepped up pressure this week for GOP senators to agree to at least start the healthcare debate.
Saying he had “pen in hand,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning that “after 7 years of talking, we will soon see whether or not Republicans are willing to step up to the plate!”
Tom Price, Trump’s health secretary, also stood on the side of the Senate chamber as senators voted Tuesday afternoon McCain, however, appeared to implicitly counter Trump’s advice for Republicans to go it alone. He said the current strategy didn’t appear to be working.
“We’ve tried to do this by coming up with a proposal behind closed doors in consultation with the administration … asking us to swallow our doubts and force it past a unified opposition. I don’t think that is going to work in the end. And it probably shouldn’t,” he said
Instead of agreeing on a new healthcare policy, McCain added that Republicans have “managed to … make more popular a policy that wasn’t very popular when we started trying to get rid of it.”
McCain’s speech is a significant break from leadership and Trump, and is the latest example of the 80-year-old Arizona senator emerging as a chief critic of the president from within the Senate GOP caucus.
He routinely clashes with the administration on foreign policy, where’s he’s criticized them for not coming out with new policies
He also cast a surprise vote earlier this year to kill a resolution Trump favored that would have overturned an Obama-era rule on methane emissions.


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