Teen says tattoo covering half his face is keeping him from getting a job

Mark Cropp just wants to to get a job and support his family, but something unique is holding him back.
A giant tattoo saying “DEVAST8” covers half of his face, and, perhaps not surprisingly, it’s off-putting for potential employers.
The teenager, born in Oamaru in the southern part of the country, told the New Zealand Herald he had it inked a few months ago, while drunk on homebrew in a jail cell in Christchurch, New Zealand.
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Cropp with his girlfriend Taneia Ruki, 24.
Caters News Agency
He was locked up in 2015, at 17, for aggravated robbery, after he and a friend pulled a knife on a tourist in Nelson, New Zealand.
Cropp pleaded guilty to a range of charges, including aggravated robbery, escaping custody and assault with a weapon.
He told the Herald he committed the crime to get enough money to help house himself and his pregnant girlfriend after they were kicked out of his parents’ home. “My partner Taneia was just a month due to drop my baby, and we had nowhere to go so I committed the crime — and I never got to see [the baby] again.”

My position on tattoo’s is I do not have them and I do not want them. I do not understand why most people that have at least one tattoo end up with multiple tattoos. But to each his own. When you make the life choice to  tattoo half your face then bad things might happen to you. You might not be able to get a job. Some girls might not be attracted to you. Their dads might have a shotgun when they come to this door.

This is why they are called life choices. Idiot


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