1407518156635_wps_1_Woman_on_cell_phone_at_reNot looking where you are going when using your cell phone. In 2016 in the US according to the USA Today 2,600 people were killed while looking at their cell phones.  Below are my top 8 cell phone pet peeves

1. Constantly using your phone while having dinner/drinks/coffee with someone.

  1. If you are sitting right across from someone PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. Is your wife having a baby today? Do you have a near relative near death? Does your child have 105 fever? If any of these are true then why are you not with your loved ones.
  2. Using your cell phone in the bathroom. Come on man. Are you serious. Again refer to the above. Pride is a pleasure of man’s thinking to highly of himself.
  3. Talking to loudly on your cell phone. Again you are not the most important person in the world.
  4. Having speaker phone on in public. Or even in the house. Again no on else wants to know what you are doing this weekend with the relatives.
  5.  Talking on the cell phone the entire time someone is riding with you. Rude idiot.
  6. Taking a call when watching TV with someone and not leaving the room.
  7. Not putting your phone on vibrate or at least reducing the volume.

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