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Recently I posted that  58% of Americans are afraid to share their political views. I am not so here are my 30 facts of life. At some point I may add to the list. There are a couple of opinions that I will not share. My hope is that my readers will become more open with their political and religious views. Political Correctness has been the tool to shut up God-fearing, Capitalist, Patriots for far too long.

  1.   There is a God.
  2.   God created male and female, that’s it. It is really that simple.
  3.   If you run from the cops and they catch you, they deserve a piece of your ass!
  4.   Abortion is murder
  5.   There is no such thing as a moderate Republican.  That is just a Democrat that is too cowardly to say so.
  6.   The Indianapolis Colts suck!  If you want to move your team,  do it in the light of day!
  7.   Education has been going downhill since God was taken out of the classroom.
  8.    Education went  further downhill when paddling and punishment  was removed
  9.    There are 4400 (2016 numbers) Washington, DC,  Department of Education employees.  In the 2013 Gov. shutdown, it was determined 94% were non-essential. Why are they still employed?
  10.   Global warming is a farce and cannot be proven scientifically
  11.   Single straight guys and men do not do “girl friends”
  12.   Guns and cars do not kill people.  People kill people
  13.   The second amendment gives us the right to bear arms, period
  14.   Have you ever seen an attractive feminist?
  15.   Homosexuality is a mental illness.
  16.   Rodney King & Michael Brown were resisting arrest and when you do that bad things might happen.
  17.   The Raiders belong in Oakland, period!
  18.   The flag is a symbol of US freedom and the price that was paid for it. If you disrespect it,  you deserve the punishment for it!
  19.   OJ Simpson is guilty.
  20.   Higher education would be much cheaper if classes on Beyonce, urban development, wasting time on the internet, how to win a beauty contest, tree climbing, and such were eliminated!
  21. Accepting people into your country that want to kill you is not diversity, it is insane
  22. Transgender is more than a mental illness it is full-out perversion
  23. If your kid is going to college and needs more than two choices for their sex they are too stupid for college and them and or you are wasting their money.
  24. If you kid is older than 30 and living in your basement playing video games kick him or her out you are not helping them.
  25. If you do not stand for our National Anthem, respect the flag, respect our military and police get the hell out of the US.
  26. Press 1 for English period
  27. Participation trophies suck and create future Democrats which creates future Socialist.
  28. Play to win, ties suck, participation sucks, going home with a little headache that may or may not be a concussion makes you a pansy. Suck it up already.
  29. Ronald Reagan and Abe Lincoln are the two finest Presidents this country has ever seen.
  30. Politicians who protect illegals should be thrown in jail. They took an oath to protect and defend the constitution. Then do it.

This is not a comprehensive list of my 30 facts of life. I reserve the right to add to the list. Stay posted for revisions.

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