Addressing the elephant in the room

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs  is offering a course on “How to become whiteness educators in communities. According to Campus reform three credit hours are offered for the “witnessing whiteness” workshops.

The workshops will discuss the characteristics of the “dominant white culture,” such as “individualism, consumerism, meritocracy as an ideal, superficiality, competition, ambition, and productivity.

According to Shelly Tochluk the programs creator facilitating dialogue can be difficult, so the curriculum includes a list of suggested discussion questions, such as “What does the dominant culture in the US look like?” and “What feelings come up as you discuss this? Why?”

“This IS hard work, and we need to both acknowledge it AND plan for how we can stay focused and motivated in the face of resistance and distress,” the worksheet says, encouraging facilitators to remain positive.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Run for America founder David Burstein on his evening Fox News program Wednesday. Burstein didn’t have many answers for this foolishness.

“You can’t generalize about people on the basis of their skin tone, right? I thought. Or can you?”

“You and I both know, as white men sitting here that, you know, there is such a thing as white privilege,” Burstein said.

“No, I don’t know that actually,” The Daily Caller co-founder said. “There are immigrant, nonwhite immigrant groups that have on average higher annual incomes than average white Americans.”

“It’s much more complicated than you and other sort of glib apologists for racism suggest that it is,” he continued.

“You can’t generalize about people on the basis of their skin tone, right? I thought. Or can you?” Tucker said while he broke out into laughter.

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Elephant Address
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