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Devos announces review of Obama era sexual misconduct guidance

sexual misconduct

sexual misconductThe Department of Education will change its approach to campus sexual misconduct and begin a public notice and comment process to issue new regulations, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced today. In a speech at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School, DeVos decried “a system run amok,” “kangaroo courts” and repeatedly emphasized the plight of the accused. “One rape is one too many … one person denied due process is one too many,” she said. Outside, protesters yelled, “Stop protecting rapists!”

sexual misconductTitle IX, a federal law passed in 1972, prohibits sex discrimination in education. It has been the driving force in the expansion of girl’s and women’s sports. Related post Feminism rooted in Marxism and Socialism

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Barack Hussein Obama expanded the program as he did every socialistic idea to say that Title IX protects girls and women from the threat of sexual assault, harassment or a hostile environment while pursuing their educations. The elephant in the room is Sexual misconduct definition was greatly expanded.

In letters from The Office of Civil Rights colleges and K-12 schools were told to adopt a “preponderance of the evidence” standard, a lower burden of proof than is normally required in court.

And, OCR stepped up its own investigations of campuses over Title IX complaints. If colleges didn’t comply, they stood to lose access to federal student aid, which almost no school can afford to do.

Colleges and Universities had to hire Title IX compliance officers and create, new rules, policies and procedures. All of these new rules and regulations adding to the cost of every student’s college education.

I have three daughters, I would not want any of them to be the object of legitimate sexual harassment in college. I also have a son, I would not want him unfairly labeled for the rest of his life because some school is looking for everything that could possibly be labeled harassment.

As Secretary Devos stated “If everything is harassment, then nothing is harassment”. Just like if everything is racism, then nothing is racism. Related post Racist solar eclipse of 2017

In an emotional address, DeVos told anecdotes about accused students contemplating, and committing, suicide. She mentioned a controversial case in which a University of Southern California football player was expelled for what his girlfriend says was merely “playful roughhousing.”


She also denigrated sexual harassment codes that “trample free speech rights.”

President Trump seems to back off raising minimum age to buy guns, “Not enough political support”

raising minimum age

President Trump on Monday suggested that he still supports raising minimum age to buy guns despite the idea being left out of a White House proposal over the weekend.

In a series of morning tweets the President said he supports strengthening background checks, arming school officials and banning bump stocks.

The president also said he supports raising the age for purchasing rifles to 21, but said there is not enough political support to make the idea law.

“Very strong improvement and strengthening of background checks will be fully backed by White House. Legislation moving forward. Bump Stocks will soon be out. Highly trained expert teachers will be allowed to conceal carry, subject to State Law. Armed guards OK, deterrent!” Trump tweeted.

The President added “On 18 to 21 Age Limits, watching court cases and rulings before acting. States are making this decision. Things are moving rapidly on this, but not much political support (to put it mildly).

The White House announced on Sunday that it is expressing a federal commission to examine how to better address gun violence in schools. It is clear however that Trump will not be proposing raising minimum age on gun purchases. He is going to leave proposing any bill up to Congress. And there is no political support for raising minimum age on gun purchases.

This is the truth of the matter on guns. There is no support whatsoever on raising minimum gun age. If the Democrats want to listen to that young punk David Hogg and propose federal gun control we have mid-term elections coming up, let them run on gun controls. It will be a slaughter of epic proportions. Running on gun control is even less popular than running on tax increases which the Democrats have tried a few times with poor results.

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You need Jesus, hate speech? Maybe at Kent State University

Hate speech

Hate Speech might just include “you need Jesus” at KSU. A Christian student leader is demanding an apology after a poster distributed by Kent State University asked if stating “You need Jesus“ could qualify as hate speech.

The public university’s Center for Student Involvement created and circulated the poster on Twitter last week. It was designed to promote an event on free speech issues as part of Kent State’s KENTTalks, which are intended to “provide a safe place for discussions and transformational experiences for our student body” and promote “civil discourse.”

Silhouetted activists on the posters hold a range of placards with messages, overlaid with the rhetorical question “free speech or hate speech?” Alongside provocative expressions including “No More Gays,” “Women Need To Serve Their Man” and “Build a Wall,” the fourth placard bears a nonviolent, basic expression of the Christian faith: “You need Jesus.”

Jared Small, president of the Campus Ministry International student organization, told The College Fix that the poster was inappropriate.

“The university should apologize because it appears to be targeted toward one political and religious side,” he wrote in an email:

They could have included hate speech against president Trump or hate speech against Christians as examples. In my opinion, free speech protects hate speech to an extent. However, the university appears to show a bias against Christians and conservatives.

Prof. Amy Reynolds, the dean of Kent State’s College of Communication and Information, moderated last week’s KENTTalks panel discussion on free speech.

She told The Fix in an email that she had no involvement in creating the poster for the event: The Center for Student Involvement “created all of the promotional materials … I’m not sure what the process is/was.”

Neither Eric Mansfield nor Emily Vincent, the executive director and director of Kent State media relations, responded to repeated Fix queries. Neither did Kristan Dolan nor Rick Danals, assistant director and assistant dean of the Center for Student Involvement.

Liberals have taken over American Colleges and Universities. They clamor for free speech and their definition of free speech is pretty crude. But something so caring as telling someone they need Jesus could soon be considered hate speech.

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Cambridge University students need their “safe space” over Shakespeare

Cambridge University

Students at Cambridge University one of Great Britain and the world’s most prestigious universities are reportedly being given “trigger warnings” for sexual and violent scenes in the plays of William Shakespeare. Are you kidding me these same kids have grown up in schools giving them homosexual and oral sex training since grade school and now they have to go to their “safe space” over Macbeth?

Advocates of the ‘trigger warnings’ – alerting readers to potentially distressing material – say they protect people from the possibility of being upset, while critics argue that they curtail academic freedom.

Assuming both innocence and lack of knowledge of the bard’s most famous works, lecturers at Cambridge University have introduced the warnings for “potentially distressing topics.”

English-literature undergraduates were apparently cautioned before a lecture on Titus Andronicus and The Comedy of Errors. According to insiders at the top university, warnings were posted in the English Faculty’s ‘Notes on Lectures’ document.

If a student of English Literature doesn’t know that Titus Andronicus contains scenes of violence, they shouldn’t be on the course,” David Crilly, artistic director at the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival, told the Telegraph.

“This degree of sensitivity will inevitably curtail academic freedom. If the academic staff are concerned they might say something students find uncomfortable they will avoid doing it.”

Critics have called the warnings “fundamentally dishonest.”

“We have to encourage students to be able to face that, even when they find they’re awkward and difficult for all kinds of good reasons,”Mary Beard, a Professor of Classics at Cambridge, previously said.

Cambridge University denied having a trigger-warning policy.

Cambridge University

Cambridge University preparing babies for life

“Some lecturers indicate that some sensitive material will be covered in a lecture by informing the English Faculty Admin staff,” a spokesman told The Times.

“This is entirely at the lecturer’s own discretion and is in no way indicative of a Faculty wide policy.”

It is truly sad the preparation that liberal institutions (and they are mental institutions) like Cambridge University are giving the leaders of tomorrow. They feed them sex education courses throughout their lives. Then offer pornography courses in college. Give them 50 choices for what freaking sex they are (God created MALE AND FEMALE). And then they have to send them to their “safe space” over Shakespeare.  

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Chickens have come home to roost Obama and Hillary disgusted by Democrat donor Weinstein

Democrat Donor

Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein victims keep coming out. Former President Obama responded on Tuesday to the allegations of sexual harassment.

“Michelle and I have been disgusted by the recent reports about Harvey Weinstein,” Obama said in a statement. “Any man who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, regardless of wealth or status.

“We should celebrate the courage of women who have come forward to tell these painful stories,” he added. “And we all need to build a culture — including by empowering our girls and teaching our boys decency and respect — so we can make such behavior less prevalent in the future.”

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Obama’s statement follows one released by the worst loser in American politics Hillary Clinton, who said of Democrat donor Weinstein such behavior “cannot be tolerated.

Over the years, Weinstein raised millions of dollars for Democratic organizations and candidates, including Obama and Clinton, and hosted a number of fundraisers that Obama attended while in office. The Obamas’ 19-year-old daughter, Malia, interned for Weinstein Co. this year.

Since last week’s New York Times story detailing accusations against Weinstein, numerous conservatives have pointed to Weinstein’s support for Democratic causes and lobbed charges of hypocrisy given previous attacks from the left on the likes of Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump over issues of sexual harassment.

The list of Democrats giving Weinstein donations to charity is growing every day. So far Senator Charles E. Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken along with Clinton will be giving to charity. No doubt some of them for the first time.

democrat donor

Looks like Hillary has a groping problem

Clinton said in an interview with CNN (Communist News Network) that she was “sick” and “shocked” when she found out about the sexual assault allegations against the Democrat donor.

“I was appalled. It was something that was just intolerable in every way,” she said. “And, you know, like so many people who’ve come forward and spoken out, this was a different side of a person who I and many others had known in the past.”
I wonder if Clinton was as appalled as when she found out about her husband raping Juanita Broaddrick or about him getting oral sex from an intern in the oval office. Mrs. Clinton were you as “sick” and “shocked as when you found out about the blue stained dress? Liberals disgust me, you are such hypocrites. Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer this whole bunch knew about Harvey Weinstein and his behavior.
They are only “sick, shocked and appalled” now because a huge Democrat donor got caught. The chickens have come home to roost.

Boy Scouts of America will now allow girls to become Cub Scouts and earn rank of Eagle Scout

Boy Scouts

Girls will soon be allowed to become Cub Scouts and earn the rank of Eagle Scout, the Boy Scouts of America announced on Wednesday. .

“We believe it is critical to evolve how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and lifelong experiences for their children,” said Michael Surbaugh, chief executive of the Boy Scouts.

The organization has been primarily for boys since its founding more than 100 years ago. Now that they allow girls is a name change next? And how soon before boys are allowed to join the girl scouts. This is political correctness on steroids.

Starting next year, young girls can join Cub Scout units, known as dens. Local scouting organizations can choose to have dens for girls and dens for boys. “Cub Scout dens will be single-gender — all boys or all girls,” the organization said in a statement.

A separate program for older girls will be available in 2019, the Boy Scouts said, enabling them to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

The Boy Scouts said the change is reflective of American culture and will add to the appeal of scouting for the entire family. But that was not a problem for 100 years because there was GIRL SCOUTS for the GIRLS.

Earlier this year, the National Organization for Women urged the Boy Scouts to admit girls to the entire program, supporting the efforts of a New York teenager, Sydney Ireland, to attain the rank of Eagle Scout, as her older brother did.

“I just want to do what the Boy Scouts do — earn the merit badges and earn the Eagle Award,” she told NBC News. “The Girl Scouts is a great organization, but it’s just not the program that I want to be part of. I think girls should just have the opportunity to be a member of any organization they want regardless of gender.”

Feminism is the root cause of this decision. Radical feminist cannot stand the idea of men and boys having groups that cater to their interest. This is why there are women reporters in NFL locker rooms. It is also why players like Cam Newton are made to apologize when they laugh at the women asking them questions about MEN’S sports.

So say goodbye to an American institution. Say goodbye to boys being boys and girls being girls and having their own groups. Feminism has ruined another American institution.

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Michelle Obama best Democrat candidate for 2020, seriously?

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama 2020 best candidate  according to key strategist. The Democrats desperately want to take back power over the White House in 2020. They have no clear message why they want to resume power only a continual lust for power.

Now I can see how that can be because the other candidates raising money right now include, Joe Biden,  Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) and Rep. John Delaney (D-MD).

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With this list of losers running Kid Rock would beat any of them. But that is not what I want to discuss today. What has started the trend of former first lady’s now becoming a candidate for President after their husband leaves office? What are their qualifications to become President? Related post Devos announces end to Obama era sexual misconduct policy

The elephant in the room is being the first lady does not qualify you to be President at a later date.

Michelle Obama 2020

What happened, you are an “evil woman”

Hillary Clinton is on her national book tour promoting “What Happened” charging $90 and up, over $2300 for premium pass. Seriously, to hear Hillary Clinton tell how she got her butt kicked by a political novice when the deck was totally stacked against him, and illegal immigrants voted by the hundreds of thousands. What happened is America hates you. As Donald Trump said in one of the debates “you are an evil woman”.


And what was Hillary Clinton’s qualifications exactly? Standing by her man serial rapist Bill Clinton. Shutting up the endless stream of interns he molested?

In wake of Hillary Clinton’s total shellacking now the best Democrat candidate is Michelle Obama. The Democrat party is in serious trouble.


Students starving eating this crap

What are Michelle Obama’s qualifications the school lunch program? The 3.2 billion (think about that figure for a while) dollar program was and epic failure. Over 85% of the vegetables were thrown away. In a New York public school system the program was canceled because student suffered from starvation, unable to do their school work because of the terrible meal program.

What are her other qualifications vacation planning maybe? In 2011 alone the Obama’s, largely Michelle and her daughters spent 10 million dollars of taxpayer money on lavish vacations.

I am not a big fan of electing a President on being the first in their gender or race. Why do we have to have the first woman President, or the first Latino American President or God help us the first LBGQTCQZTUYM<TBYXXE transgender queer whatever you want to call them President?

Let’s go back to the days where as a collective body of Americans we try to elect the most qualified President.


You doubt Socialism has taken over Education? Indiana kindergarten parents told children should not speak of God and Jesus


Socialism and Marxism have taken over public education and our Colleges and Universities. I know there are great teachers out there. Christian teachers trying to speak of God and Jesus when they can without getting fired.

But in a public elementary school in Indiana students recently were sent home with a letter from the teacher telling the parents that their children cannot talk about God, Jesus Christ, or the devil inside their classroom.

Winston Churchill aptly described socialism as “a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue [being] the equal sharing of misery.”  As economist Thomas Sowell put it, “socialism” in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”

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The destruction of the US education system began with leading Marxist theorist Georg Lukacs book History and Class Consciousness. Lukacs believed that for a new Marxist culture to emerge, the existing culture had to be destroyed. He said, “I saw the revolutionary destruction of society at the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions or the epoch”, and “Such a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and creation of new ones by the revolutionaries”.


Cultural Revolution in China

College students and certainly not a kindergartener today know little, if anything about the cataclysmic movement in China known as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. It began in 1966 before all of them (and even a great number of their professors) were born. This massive national crusade, instigated by Chairman Mao Zedong, was intended to create a pure communist man and woman, devoid of the constraints of materialism and personal ambition.

It started with the closing of the schools and the re-education of intellectuals and the bourgeoisie and ended up with years of incredible violence, taking millions of lives. The actual statistics are still a state secret, but a recent biography of Mao states “at least 3 million people died violent deaths and post-Mao leaders acknowledged that 100 million people, one-ninth of the entire population, suffered in one way or another.”

Communist Propaganda was spread through loud-speakers and placed on billboards. If you dared to question their Cultural correctness you were singled out and learned not to speak up. Sound familiar? It is amazing to me on Facebook and Social media if you post a video of cats being silly or some crude comedian how many shares it gets. But my friends will not repost how Socialism is rooted in education, civil rights movement, feminism. Why is this? Because they are afraid of the backlash.

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University of Missouri protest including football players threatening not to play

The cultural revolution rooted in European ideas from the Frankfort School in Germany has its roots in Columbia University. But Universities and Colleges across the US quickly were taken over by the Socialist mantra for fear of being singled out. What you now have is Clemson University setting a policy that it is “racist” to tell a student they are late. The University of Missouri President recently being forced to resign because someone drew a swastika in a bathroom and it offended someone. The University of Michigan has a Student Socialist Union as do most other large Universities. And no one would doubt or contradict that University of California at Berkeley is the Kremlin of US Universities (sorry some Ivy League schools might object).

For the past 5 decades institutions of higher learning have replaced History especially US History with multicultural studies, taken over with  cultural socialism and coddled students with “safe spaces”. The graduates that they produced went on to become lawyers and set up ground for Socialism. And many of them became High School teachers and Socialism, multiculturalism, liberal ideology was taught in High Schools.


Not actual Indiana teacher

This brings us back to the kindergarten teacher in Indiana telling parents their children cannot talk about God and Jesus Christ. Socialism in our schools has come full circle all the way to kindergarten. Just a couple of weeks ago I posted on a California kindergarten teacher reading a book and teaching on transgender because one of the students was going to have a reveal. How long before the Socialist reach pre-school programs?