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“Were America Bitch” Senior White House official defines The Trump Doctrine

Trump doctrine

What is the Trump doctrine?  Trump is making History in Singapore signing a document with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Many people are skeptical of President Trump. He was described as weak on foreign affairs in 2016. His opponent Hillary Clinton said world leaders were calling her to ask how they could endorse her to stop Trump. His doctrine has been tough to define especially by opponents.

The Atlantic decided to ask White House officials what they thought would best describe the Trump Doctrine. The one they liked the best is a Senior White House official that defines the Trump doctrine as “Were America Bitch.” I am sure critics will be aghast at this statement but it perfectly defines the Trump doctrine.

Trump doctrine

Obama bowing to terrorist

Former President Barack Hussein Obama regularly bowed to our enemies and gave Iran 1.8 Billion dollars for the release of hostages. President Trump has taken a different approach. He brought North Korea to the table to discuss denuclearization by calling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “Little Rocket man”. He said that he United States would bring “fire and fury” on North Korea and completely annihilate them. Basically he said “were America bitch” do not screw with us.

“No friends no enemies” was another Trump doctrine given by a White House official. “We have to explain to him that countries that have worked with us together in the past expect a level of loyalty from us, but he doesn’t believe that this should factor into the equation,” the official said.

“Permanent destabilization creates American advantage.” The official who described this to me said Trump believes that keeping allies and adversaries alike perpetually off-balance necessarily benefits the United States, which is still the most powerful country on Earth.

All of these Trump doctrines were in place in Singapore in the North Korean negotiations. The were also in place at the G7 summit in Canada. President Trump when dealing with Kim Jong Un and the President dealing with Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel is saying “were America Bitch” and we will no longer be played like fools.

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