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The French are protesting massive carbon taxes according to Rush Limbaugh, this is what Al Gore wants for America

carbon taxes



Last week a caller asked Rush Limbaugh about the massive protest in France. The press is reporting it is about gas prices and cost of living. But it is something much larger that they do not want to point out. The protest is over carbon taxes that have raised the price of gas to over $7 gallon.

(The callers question) I saw a story about massive protests in France. Riots, tear gas, fires, shots, all kinds of horrible things going on in Paris on the Champs-Elysees. I said to myself, “What’s this?” Well, this is one of the stories that qualifies for a busy, long weekend of news suppression. How many news reports have you seen from the Drive-By Media about the protests in France?

Rush LimbaughI guarantee you, you don’t know why these riots in Paris and all over France are taking place, even though they’re being reported on finally, been going on for over a week, the news just hit I think on Sunday, maybe Saturday. I think it was yesterday. It didn’t make the news until yesterday when we finally had footage of fires on the Champs-Elysees. Right next to the Arch of Triumph, for those of you in Rio Linda, the Arc de Triomphe, for the rest of you. By the way, the Arc de Triomphe is where the guillotines were stationed during the height of the French Revolution. Just a little trivia there.”

carbon taxes

“But here’s the kicker. This is what the Drive-By Media refused to call these protests what they are. They said the French were protesting fuel prices. They said the French are protesting fuel prices and the rising cost of living. That’s only 20% of it. You know what the French are really protesting?”

carbon taxes


“The protests are against a massive carbon tax implemented by this young socialist Millennial president over there who believes climate change and all this rotgut, and so he’s trying to price the usage of gasoline and fossil fuels out of existence! A gallon of gas costs over seven bucks because of this new carbon tax. That’s why they’re protesting. They’re protesting because this president believes all this cockamamie bull about climate change and fossil fuels and believes it we’ve gotta get on to wind and solar and nuclear and so he’s got this carbon tax.”

carbon taxes

The press and liberals/Socialist in the United States have been going crazy every since President Trump pulled the United states out of the Paris Climate Change accord. This is exactly the type of nonsense the President is trying to protect us from.

carbon taxes











Al Gore and climate change tree huggers want massive carbon taxes for America. This is what Al Gore has always wanted because he stands to get even richer with high carbon taxes. Thank God we have a President that will fight against this form of Socialism and not the little French pussy Macron that has given in to the climate change crowd.

Rush said today on his program that he knows people in Paris and they told him within the protesters people have been heard chanting “we want Trump.”

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