Addressing the elephant in the room

TSA enacts new enhanced patdowns on flyers not named Mohammed


TSA pervs making sure white male not named Mohammed unarmed

In the wake of the 16th anniversary of the Muslim attack on America that killed nearly 3,000 people the TSA has begun new enhanced security measures. Did I mention that the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked four airplanes and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States? Related post DEARBORN-AREA HAIR SALON POSTS “NO MEN PLEASE” SIGN WHILE HELPING MUSLIM CUSTOMER

Now 16 years later the TSA and US Governments answer to keep us safe is still to grope old ladies from Iowa and make sure they reach up the legs of white men not named Mohammed and Ahmed. The elephant in the room is the US is still to weak to profile Muslims, the perpetrators of most terrorist acts. Below are the names of the 9/11 conspirators not many George’s or Thomas or Betty’s or Diane’s on the list.

9/11 hijackers all Muslim


Hint to TSA if you want to prevent terrorism target the guy named Mohammed

“This standardized pat-down procedure continues to utilize enhanced security measures implemented several months ago, and does not involve any different areas of the body than were screened in the previous standard pat-down procedure,” says Mike England, a TSA spokesman. (The agency does not comment on the specifics of any passenger’s individual screening experience.)

So, what exactly is the TSA doing differently? It’s difficult to quantify, and security concerns prevent the agency from providing specifics. The number of air travelers who receive pat-downs is fairly low. Only those who have opted out of using full-body scanners or whose belongings have set off the X-ray machine are required to undergo the pat-downs. Travelers may also be frisked at random, as part of the agency’s “unpredictable” security measures.

TSA agents receive formal training for pat-downs. To conduct a search at an airport, agents must demonstrate proficiency in performing the procedure. Yet for all the talk of uniformity, the pat-downs can vary widely, according to people who have been subjected to them at security screening areas.


Wow that’s impressive

It has been a few years since I was a frequent flyer (filling up 5 passports in 10 years) but the TSA is a complete joke. A bunch of former mall cops that get a badge and the power to make your day miserable. I have had my leg massaged by TSA pervs. I have seen old people near tears from the treatment they received. I have had TSA well-trained professionals reading magazines out of my briefcase. All the while Mohammed may be getting through the line with no issue because we don’t want to offend and profile the Muslims who want to kill us.

There’s no certain way of avoiding pat-downs when you fly domestically. Even air travelers with pre-check status, the agency’s “trusted” travelers, may be subject to a frisk. But having a pre-check designation on your boarding pass, or being willing to pass through the full-body scanner, will lessen your chances.

If you really want to lessen your chances carry a Koran and change your name to Mohammed. The TSA will not want to offend you. What are the chances you would want to hijack a plane and run it into a building?

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