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Eagles anthem protester flips off old coach after being burned for TD, both say It’s all good

Malcolm Jenkins



Philadelphia safety Malcolm Jenkins one of the leaders of the NFL Social Justice warriors exhibited his total class yesterday in a game against his former team. Jenkins burned for a touchdown against the New Orleans Saints turned toward Saints coach and flipped him double birds.

Jenkins said last year he was protesting “to take a stand for racial equality and a much-needed reform to our criminal justice system.”

“That’s where these demonstrations are useful, because regardless of how you feel about them, they keep that conversation going. Guys have gone back and forth as to if it is effective or not, or if it’s a distraction, but there is the awful truth that if we just go and do the work silently, it doesn’t get the attention that it needs. So whether you think it is a protest or a demonstration, really, it doesn’t matter. As long as we are keeping these conversations going long enough to redirect some of that attention to the work, to the actual call to action, it’s worth it.”

“I’m a competitor,” Jenkins told NBC Sports Philadelphia, when asked about the finger. “I love Sean to death. I know what type of guy and coach he is. That was more so personal between me and him.”

Jenkins played for Payton and the Saints from 2009 — when they drafted him in the first round and went on to win a Super Bowl — through 2013.

“We talked after the game,” Jenkins said. “It’s all good. I know Sean. They’re going to go for it. I was more so upset that it was on me.”

“I think the world of him,” Payton said. “He is a tremendous player. I hate that he got out of here. That is probably as big of a mistake as we have made here in 13 years.

“He’s made up of all of the right things. He’s a tremendous competitor.”

Malcolm Jenkins is all that is wrong with the NFL. A social justice warrior protesting who knows what and nobody cares. Then his team is getting their buts kicked and he gets burned for a touchdown and flipped off his former coach.

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