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Salon writer needs safe space concerned the Republican party is a “white identity cult”

white identity cult

A Solon writer sounds like she is in desperate need of a safe space. Her interview with a liberal author convinces her the Republican party is a “white identity cult.” The writer is a Hillary Clinton was a horrible candidate denier. She believes Trump was elected because of propelled by racism and a white backlash politics where authoritarianism is valued above multiracial democracy.

Donald Trump is a political necromancer (wizard or magician for those non snobby liberals) who uses racism to control the millions of white Americans who subscribe to his political cult. The Republican Party generally shares Donald Trump’s racism and bigotry against non whites and Muslims, whatever its leading figures may protest says the writer. What the hell does this mean?

She ask other important questions of our time. Are white supremacist winning in Trump’s  America? What is white identity politics? Why is it dangerous? How will Donald Trump further embrace white racism in the guise of the so-called “culture war” in response to the Russia Scandal and Special Investigator Robert Mueller?

The writer interviewed Tim Wise who is a leading writer on anti-racism activities and frequent MSNBC contributor. Wise spouts the usual liberal bs. Wise believes Trump is saying exactly the same things as David Duke white supremacist and one time grand wizard of the KKK.

The writer is concerned that with Donald Trump leading the white supremacy movement in the U.S. we are winning. Wise says they have certainly won a lot. The game is not over. We certainly have the right and ability to push back.

The interview finally gets to the point. What is white identity politics? “White identity politics, unlike its black or brown equivalent, is very much about attempting to hoard the advantages and the hegemonic dominance that whites, as a group, have generally had for 400 years in what we now call the United States.”

The writer ask Wise “what do you think Trump will do in the coming months as Mueller tightens the screws?” Trump will also use any horrible crime committed by a Hispanic or other non white person over the next several months to service his white racist culture war strategy.

When Trump points out that a hispanic illegal alien killed Mollie Tibbetts. That is racism. He is the leader of a white identity cult. When Trump points out that hispanic unemployment is at record lows, what is that? When Trump points out that black unemployment is at record lows what is that?

The left has no more arrows in their quiver. When losing a debate they always revert back to racism. In elections the winning formula for decades was scaring old people with the Republicans taking away their benefits. Now they hope the winning formula is racism and calling the Republican party a “white identity cult.”

Because Trump is against illegal immigration and wants to build a wall to protect our country he is a racist. Because Trump  wants to limit Muslim migrants entering the U.S> to keep us from becoming the next UK, France, Germany or Spain he is a racist. Because Republicans follow him and want these policies to succeed we are a white identity cult. I prefer MAGA but whatever label you want to use have at it.

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