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Mark Levin Obama administration did nothing to stop Russian interference

Stop Russian Interference

Mark Levin unleashed on the Obama administration on Sean Hannity’s show last night in response to John Brennan losing his security clearance. Levin said the Obama administration did nothing to stop Russian interference.

“We have never had a former Communist who we now know spread Russian lies to disinform and propagandize the American people [and affect] a presidential election,” Sean Hannity said.

Levin echoed the sentiment, noting that Brennan, 62, supported Communist presidential candidate Gus Hall in the 1970s. Levin said Hall was a “Stalinist who was funded by the Soviets.”

Brennan’s support for someone like Hall “was very attractive to [former President] Obama,” Levin said.

“How did he ever get a security clearance?” he asked, appearing to call the Communist connection a non-starter.

Levin said Trump should continue to “pull” security clearances from former officials who have violated ethics or policy, suggesting Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, former Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper and now-fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok.

“When they had these security clearances… they didn’t stop the Russians, they didn’t stop the Red Chinese [or the] Iranians,” he said.

The point is the Obama administration did absolutely nothing to stop Russian interference because they thought the pant suit queen Hillary Clinton was going to win. The election was rigged for her to win.

The only thing they did not count on is how terrible of a candidate the chosen one would be and how much the American people despised her. The Democrats intended for their efforts to undermine the election and the crimes of the Obama DOJ and Hillary Clinton to be hidden forever with her win. If Hillary won James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Susan Rice, Peter Strzok, John Brennan, James Clapper would all have prominent roles in her administration and her crimes would be hidden forever.

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