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Joe Biden says any Democrat candidate for President would be better at foreign policy than Trump

foreign policy

Former Vice President Joe Biden is joining John Kerry and Crooked Hillary in bad mouthing President Trump on foreign soil. Biden said in London that any Democrat running against Trump in 2020 would be better at foreign policy than Trump.

Many Democrats could beat Trump said Biden who has not committed yet to running in 2020. But “not a single one of them has a worse understanding of foreign policy than Trump,” he said.

Biden speaking at London’s Chatham House singled out Kamala Harris as having superior foreign policy skills than the President. Really? Kamala Harris is going to get a meeting with Kim Jong un and get him to quit firing off nukes and talk peace with South Korea.

Biden said Trump has become more informed on foreign policy during his time in office “out of necessity,” without mentioning specifics. He has in the past criticized the president’s inward-facing “America first” policy, noting Trump’s tirades against China and his attempts to ban people from Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.

Biden and Trump have had words back and forth including Trump saying he ‘dreams’ of running against Biden in 2020 and could easily beat him.

Biden speaking at a March anti-violence against women rally said “he would have beat the hell out of Trump in High School for how he treats women.” To which Trump responded Obama took Biden off the garbage heap.

The list of candidates running in 2020 includes front-runners Kamala Harris, Pocahontas, Cory Booker and the fossil Socialist Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden thinks any of these losers would be better than Trump at foreign policy. What about Michael Avenatti Joe? These people cannot be allowed to get back in power.

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