Addressing the elephant in the room

Creepy Joe Biden speaks out for Kavanaugh accuser, compares to graphic movie rape scene


Appearing Friday on NBC’s Today show with co-host Craig Melvin creepy Joe Biden was asked about the Brett Kavanaugh. Biden himself was Judiciary Committee chairman when he was in office. Biden lamented about the treatment of Anita Hill when he was in office and hoped the same thing did not happen to Christine Blasey Ford. He compared the Kavanaugh case to a graphic movie rape scene.

Nothing has been said thus far at all about rape. This is not Bill Clinton maybe Biden got confused. Even if the 36 year old charges from the radical Democrat professor are true it sounds as if groping was the worst that happened. If that is the standard hundreds of women can be lined up to testify creepy Joe Biden groped them.

Biden was asked how he would suggest the Senate handle the investigation. Being a Democrat the reporter shouldn’t have been shocked that Biden thinks there should be a FBI investigation.

Biden then recalled the Senate hearing he lead examining Hill’s sexual harassment claims against Thomas during the 1991 Supreme Court confirmation battle: “Anita Hill was vilified when she came forward by a lot of my colleagues, character assassination. I wish I could have done more to prevent those questions and the way they asked them. I hope my colleagues learn from that…”

Biden lamented the treatment Anita Hill received and admitted his mind was made up before the hearing. No doubt as most Democrats minds were made up before the Kavanaugh hearing.

Democrats were in lockstep with the only possible Democrat votes for Kavanaugh coming from Joe Donnelly (IN), Joe Manchin (WV), and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. All three have to go to their conservative states every four years and convince stupid voters they are moderates.

Melvin then observed “It seems like you get it now, versus back in ’91?” Biden argued: “Well, I think I got it in ’91….it’s important that people understand, and I think people do now, understand how hard it is to come forward.”

“And I always say to men, they say why is it so hard? How about if you had been abused? You see the movie Deliverance, how about if you were the guy strapped to the tree, would you come forward? Would you want to relive that?”

Melvin finished the friendly interview by asking.“If there is no FBI investigation, should the Senate proceed as usual and should there be a vote if she doesn’t testify?” Biden predictably replied: “Look, I don’t think there should be. I just think, what the devil have we learned here?” He then declared that Ford “should not have to go through what Anita Hill went through and some of the questions that she got asked and the way the right went after her on national television and questioned her integrity and questioned her, not just her honesty, questioned her behavior.

There was no challenge to Anita Hill or Catherine Brasey Ford’s credibility. When it is a Republican facing the charges the Republican is always guilty. When it is a Democrat such as Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Keith Ellison or Robert Menendez having sex with underage prostitutes the girls are sluts and liars.

You would think the Supreme Court was created to protect Roe vs Wade, it would suck to wake up every day and your mission is to protect murder

Democrats are damaging the MeToo movement with Kavanaugh circus

Radical Democrat operative Christine Blasley Ford just the latest Anita Hill, this is the only page in Democrat playbook

Mitch McConnell says in the very near future Brett Kavanaugh will sit on the Supreme Court

Diane Feinstein seems to have lack of faith in her very own Democrat radical operative



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