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Crazed liberal Democrat Maxine Waters says Trump is “poster boy” for the mob in discussing paid Democrat protesters

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  • Tuesday on MSNBC “All In” Crazy Maxine Waters provided some Republican commercial sound bites just before the midterms. Democrats really should consider using some of the money they tried to bribe Susan Collins with to shut Maxine up.Waters who has called on crazed liberal Democrats to “push back” on Republicans wherever they are and tell them “you are not welcome here.

The host began by asking Waters about the midterm lead the phony MSNBC poll has Democrats up by 13 points. The host said “it seems the only way for Republicans to have a chance now is to convince their voters all Democrats are pitchfork wielding mob.’

Discussing conservative media calling protests a “mob,” Waters said, “Well, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s not believable. As a matter of fact, this country was built on peaceful protests. “ Yes Maxine the country was built on peaceful protest not crazed liberal Democrat with pussy hats and Antifa blocking streets in Portland.

Crazy Maxine went on to say. “And those of us who were part of the Civil Rights movement, who understood the power of protest taught by Dr. Martin Luther King and others know that we cannot allow Donald Trump and anybody else to take protests away from us and to deem it to be violent and to try to make us look like a mob.” There is a big difference between what Dr. King did and what these crazed liberal Democrats are doing. I don’t remember King encouraging followers to chase adversaries out of restaurants and harass them in an airport.

Crazy Maxine 3 months ago. 

“It is because of peaceful protests, not only in the Civil Rights movement, but the labor movement was able to get better wages, able to get better working conditions, able to get better pay, everything because they learned to march and protest. And they still do it today. We know that protest is guaranteed to a democratic society. We know that this is guaranteed to us by the Constitution.”

She concluded her crazed liberal rant by saying.  “They’re trying to change the description of protest and call it a mob. Well, this president is the poster boy for what a mob protester looks like. He is—matter of fact, he’s the one who has been violent in his speech. He’s the one in his rallies has said things like ‘I’d like to punch him in the face.’ Trump said that at one of his rallies, he said ‘knock the crap out of them, would you, and seriously, okay, just knock the hell out of them, I mean, I promise I will pay the legal fees.’ That’s the kind of talk that he has done. That’s violent talk. With don’t have that kind of talk that has come from the women who are protesting. As a matter of fact, this country is past due for the kind of protests that we have seen women do in the last few days as we have gone through this confirmation process of Kavanaugh. It is time for women to say that we’re tired of being disrespected.”

Crazy Maxine is clearly offended by President Trump’s rallies and calling out liberals. The MAGA movement is nothing like the crazed liberal mobs of Antifa, Black lives matter and the paid protesters that disrupted the Kavanaugh hearings. Maxine and other crazed liberals are going to lose their minds on November 6 when they get destroyed once again.

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