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Pastor attacked for saying Trump has given us “new Hope”, another black pastor says Trump is the most pro-black President of his lifetime

new hope

Pastor Phillip Goudeaux of Sacremento’s Calvary Christian Church is being attacked for saying President Trump has given us  “new hope.” Liberals once again prove that they are tolerant as long as you are supporting some deviancy such as gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, abortion, having sex with animals, liberals are even trying to normalize pedophilia. But if a pastor comes out in support of President Trump he has of course gone too far.

Phillip Goudeaux was among more than a dozen black religious leaders who sat down with President Trump on Wednesday at a meeting that the White House said was organized to share ideas about prison reform and criminal justice.

Goudeaux and other participants now face a backlash for meeting with a president whose policies some argue have hurt poor people and African Americans.

At the event, the pastors widely praised Trump, with one participant Pastor Darrell Scott calling him “the most pro-black president we’ve had in our lifetime,” according to a transcript of the meeting provided by the White House.

“This president actually wants to prove something to our community,” said Pastor Scott of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. “The last president didn’t feel like he had to,” Scott said of Barack Obama. “He felt like he didn’t have to prove it. He got a pass.”

Trump talked briefly at the beginning of the meeting about his administration’s efforts at creating jobs, investing in distressed communities and helping former prisoners find work. Then he asked each pastor to speak.

Goudeaux’s remarks were brief. According to the transcript, he thanked the president for restoring “hope” to his constituents.

“Please don’t give up on California and Sacramento,” he said. “I’m right in the capital there, and we’re working in every area to try to make a difference in people’s lives.

“So, I guess the greatest word I can say for you, Mr. President, is that you have given this country expectations, given us a new hope, a new excitement to believe that things are getting better and are going to get better. And we appreciate that leadership, your tenacity to keep pushing in against all the opposition that comes against you. Thank you so much.”

President Trump has given new hope to the black community when Barack Hussein Obama was supposed to be the President of Hope and Change. As Pastor Scott said in the meeting with the Trump, when Obama was President he didn’t feel like he had to prove it. He got a pass. It is incredible while President Trumps popularity soars in the black community and black unemployment is at historical lows daily he is called a racist when in fact he is giving new hope.

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