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NY Gov. Cuomo changing strategy from America never Great to Make Puerto Rico Great Again

Puerto Rico

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo who last week said that America was never really that great continued to build his campaign over the weekend. His new slogan to build on America was never really great apparently is Make Puerto Rico Great Again.

The Governor announce a plan to the 11.000 Puerto Ricans displaced in NY sue President Trump.

Governor Cuomo: “We’re going to work with Puerto Rican families and sue the President of the United States because New York is standing with Puerto Rico the way we said we would.”

“President Trump never tried to help Puerto Rico. Florida got attention, Texas got attention, and Puerto Rico got the short end of the stick. That is not just wrong and unethical and despicable, it is also illegal,” Governor Cuomo said. “We’re going to work with Puerto Rican families and sue the President of the United States because New York is standing with Puerto Rico the way we said we would. We are going to fight back and we’re going to show this President that the law is the law.”

The liberal mayor of San Juan had this to say about the President’s response to Hurricane Maria.  “The Trump administration led us to believe they were helping when they weren’t up to par, and they didn’t allow other countries to help us,” Cruz told CNN. “Shame on President Trump. Shame on President Trump for not even once, not even yesterday, just saying, ‘Look, I grieve with the people of Puerto Rico.'”

“This will be a stain on his presidency for as long as he lives,” she said. “Because rather than come here to support us, he came here to throw paper towels at us, and we will never forget and we will always remember.”

The White House response last week from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders follows. “The devastating back-to-back hurricanes were met with the largest domestic disaster response mission in history,” Sanders said in the statement. “We are focused on Puerto Rico’s recovery and preparedness for the current Hurricane season.”

Andrew Cuomo should focus on the needs of NY and not silly lawsuits on behalf of Puerto Rico. It is clear his liberal priorities are out of whack.

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