Addressing the elephant in the room

Nancy Pelosi tries to cool the jets on impeachment talk, CNN, MSNBC and Maxine Waters do not agree


Nancy Pelosi seems to be trying to cool the Democrats jets on impeachment talk. Pelosi the presumed Democrat leader should they take back control of the House. Unless Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and David Hogg lobby enough millennials. CNN and MSNBC could not stop talking about impeachment on Wednesday using the word 222 times.

Maxine Waters could not resist herself after Robert Mueller coerced a plea out of Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort was convicted on 12 year old bank fraud charges.

“Cohen admitted Trump instructed him to break the law. If it’s a crime for Cohen, it’s a crime for Trump. Debates about whether you can indict a president do not excuse Congress from its responsibility to impeach Trump for ‘treason, bribery, or other high crimes & misdemeanors,’” Waters tweeted. “The high crimes are giving aid and classified information to our enemies (Russia), abusing the pardon, breaking campaign finance laws, working w/ Russians to get ‘dirt’ on political opponents, and coming soon from Special Counsel Mueller, obstruction of justice.”

Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi said that unless other information emerges, impeaching Trump is “not a priority” for Democrats if they regain control of the House this fall. Pelosi said she prefers to see Democrats work to ensure special counsel Robert Mueller can finish his investigation.

“If and when the information emerges about that, we’ll see,” Pelosi said Tuesday as the news about Cohen was unfolding.

The truth is Nancy Pelosi will of course rev up impeachment talk if Democrats win back Congress. There will be new hearings that will render Congress more useless than they are now. In between reversing President Trump tax cuts. Making illegals and MS13 American citizens and giving them voting rights, and eliminating ICE. Nancy Pelosi and Crazy Maxine Waters will indeed push impeachment.

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