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Nancy Pelosi agrees New blood is needed in house but says she will be Speaker if Dems win in November


House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour she is confident the Democrats will win back the House in November and if so she will be the speaker. President Trump has ridiculed Pelosi and Crazy Maxine Waters as being a fine leadership team and the faces of the Democrat Party.

Speaking of faces it looked as if Nancy had a fresh Botox injection prior to the interview. Pelosi said if Hillary would’ve won as the Democrats expected she would have considered stepping down in her leadership role. But since 45 won (she declined to refer to him as President Trump must be new Socialist ploy) she felt she needed to stay in leadership and be speaker once Democrats regain control.

Pelosi said she would run for speaker again partly to inspire other women. It seems however that Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez who beat Joe Crowley in NY recently felt Nancy should move along.

“I think it’s far too early to make those kinds of commitments right now,” Ocasio-Cortez told CNN’s Poppy Harlow on “Newsroom,” adding that Democrats “need to just focus on winning in November first and then we’ll have the conversation about our leadership.”

Pelosi transcript

PELOSI: … If Hillary Clinton had won and the Affordable Care Act was protected — I feel very proprietary about that — I was happy to go my way. We didn’t know who would come forward, but that’s up to the caucus, they give me the honor of serving and it’s up to them to choose who comes next. But to have no woman at the table, and to have the Affordable Care Act at risk, I said as long as he’s here, I am here. So — 45 — not to be disrespectful, but —

AMANPOUR: You mean President Trump, “45.”

PELOSI: Yeah. So, no, but I have always been opposed — I think there was one election for leadership that I was not opposed in. People like to get started on what they think comes next, and that’s up to the caucus to decide. But I feel very comfortable about the support that I have in the caucus and that I will be the speaker of the house.

AMANPOUR: You definitely are going to stand and you definitely think you are going to win?

PELOSI: I think it’s really important, though, for women to see as well, because you can’t run away from a fight. You are in the arena. So when some people come forward and say, well, we should have somebody new, okay, you are in the arena, when the Republicans have such a poverty of ideas that the only thing they can put in their ads [sic] is that I am a San Francisco liberal who supports LGBTQ rights, I can take the heat. I don’t like implying that that’s not a good thing, our San Francisco values. But I want women to know that this isn’t easy. Power is never given way and it always has to be fought for and this is, again, a constitutional office and I feel very confident about the support of my colleagues as well as the fact that we will win the election.

Nancy Pelosi will be speaker if the Democrats do in fact win back the House. She will be the speaker for one reason and one reason only. She is the top Democrat fund-raiser, by far. Pelosi had brought in 83 million dollars thru June of this year for the Democrats over double that of the next closest.

The only way for Republicans to assure that Nancy Pelosi isn’t third in line for President is to defeat the Democrats in November. There needs to be a red wave to prevent the red as in Communist Pelosi from being speaker.

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