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Morning Joe Scarborough backs away from his earlier comments that Trump is more damaging to America than 9-11 terrorist


You would think Trump derangement syndrome would take a break on 9-11. The 17th anniversary of nearly 3,000 Americans dying in the worst terrorist attack to hit our country. Morning Joe Scarborough is now backing down from earlier comments that Trump is more damaging to America than any terrorist attack could.

Social media really brings out the idiot in people. Many of us have no doubt made statements that we later regretted making. It is with social media that these stupid comments come back to haunt them. Giving Joe Scarborough the benefit of the doubt that he was just trying to be cleaver and gen up viewers for his horrible MSNBC program. Even then he should have been more sensitive on this day of remembrance in America.

Scarborough earlier tweeted a promo for his Washington Post opinion piece. He said “My latest Trump is damaging the dream of America more than any terrorist ever could.”

His apology says he should have been more careful with the wording of the tweet and article. But liberals such as Scarborough do feel that Trump is more damaging to the United States than terrorist.

Because an outsider going to Washington and actually keeping his promises is so foreign they never want Americans to get used to it. We have been told all our lives we have to elect experienced swamp dwellers for public office. If a real estate tycoon/reality TV star can win a rigged election what is to stop it from happening again?

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