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Florida candidate for Governor Gillum supports crazy Bernie, George Soros, Universal Healthcare, $15 min. wage doesn’t want to be called Socialist

Andrew Gillum

Tallahassee mayor and Florida Democratic candidate for Governor Andrew Gillum is triggered by President Trump calling him a Socialist. Gillium appeared on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily Wednesday and said Trump was “creating fairy tales” by labeling him as a Socialist.

The problem the claim by Andrew Gillum that he is a Democrat and not a Socialist is, well he is a Socialist. He supports universal healthcare for Florida and indicated that more states may need to join for it to work. He supports $15 minimum wage and abolishing ICE. He supports Bernie Sanders and George Soros contributed to his campaign. He just doesn’t have the balls that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has to accept the label.

Partial transcript of the show;

TODD: President Trump, and I think Ron DeSantis, said the s-word when talking about your ideology or your stances—socialist. I think he used the word socialist today on Twitter. What do you make of the label? Do you accept it? Do you see it as an attack? What do you make of this socialist label that’s going to be ascribed to you a lot by your political opponents?

GILLUM; Yeah, well, it shouldn’t surprise you. It doesn’t surprise me that the president is again creating fairy tales on his Twitter feed.

TODD: You do not ascribe to being a socialist?

GILLUM: No, I’m a Democrat. I ran as a Democrat, I am a Democrat. The values that I hold are consistent with the values of the Democratic party. In fact, I think they are the values shared by the majority of Floridians. What they don’t know, overwhelmingly, what voters don’t know too often in these elections is where we stand on those positions. I have been unapologetic in my beliefs. I have gone out and whether I’m in red areas or blue areas or purple areas of this state, I have said the same thing. My grandmother put it this way. When you tell the truth all time, you don’t have to worry about covering up for lies. So I’ve tried to be consistent every single place I’ve gone and I think that’s why we made it through this Democratic primary.

Andrew Gillum is taking a page out of the playbook of Democrats of old. In the past pure liberal and Socialist democrats would sell themselves come election time by saying they were ‘moderate.’. Then they would go to Washington and legislate as a liberal or even worse a Socialist. This is how guys like Joe Donnelly and Joe Manchin get elected in conservative state. Make no mistake about it Gillum is a Socialist. His opponent Ron DeSantis summed his candidacy up perfectly “he wants to turn Florida into Venezuela.”

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