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America was never that Great NY Governor Andrew Cuomo as Democrats define themselves

NY Governor

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo laid out the Democrats campaign strategy in an impassioned speech yesterday saying “America was never that great.” Even after President Trump and others criticized him he doubled down on the remarks. It is clear the Democrat party wants to run on abolish ICE, raise taxes, America sucks, accept MS13 before providing for Americas homeless veterans.

President Trump broke out the all caps tweet on the NY Governor comments saying quoting Cuomo then commenting. “WERE NOT GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, IT WAS NEVER REALLY THAT GREAT, Can you believe this is the Governor of the highest taxed state in the US , Andrew Cuomo having a total meltdown.”

Cuomo who is seeking a third term as NY Governor did not back down from the statement in response to President Trump’s remarks he replied. What you say would be ‘great again’ would not be great at all. We will not go back to discrimination, segregation, sexism, isolationism, racism, or the KKK, Like NY Motto says Excelsior Ever Upward (never backward).

It is clear the lunatic fringe has taken over the Democrat Party. They have fooled the American people for years into thinking they are simply moderates looking out for the little guy. Donald Trump has exposed them for the far left Socialist party they have been all along. Right now one of the front runners for 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate is an old fossil Socialist Bernie Sanders The Democrats have clearly been exposed.

Cuomo’ went further in his comments saying President Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” is aimed at moving the nation backward, not forward, when it comes to equal rights for all.

“The simple point is all this comes down to this; We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great,” Cuomo said.

“We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged. We will reach greatness when discrimination and stereotyping against women-51 percent of our population-is gone.”

It is clear the NY Governor is pandering to his base, the lunatic fringe of the Democrat party which has become the majority. Just this past week a Gallup poll revealed that Democrats prefer Socialism to Capitalism. The number of millennials that prefer socialism is staggering and NY is still reeling from  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeating 10 term NY Representative Joe Crowley.

Cuomo can see where the party is headed and he is jumping on board. Democrats do not think America is that Great.

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