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Alex Jones proof there are millions to be made on Social Media if you want to be ridiculous enough, confronts Marco Rubio, almost gets rough

Alex Jones

Radio show host and snake oil salesman Alex Jones is proof there are millions to be made on social media if you want to be ridiculous enough. Jones confronted Senator Marco Rubio in the middle of an interview with MSNBC. Maybe he was trying to be a bigger nut than the paid protesters in the Kavanaugh hearings.

On a day where Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg are testifying on capital hill on foreign influence in social media platforms. The most amusing thing to come out of those hearings so far is Dorsey saying they would absolutely sanction Donald Trump if he did not meet their standards. Yea right that would be goodbye Twitter.

Alex Jones maybe came to Washington expecting some fireworks with the Kavanaugh hearings and the social media executives on the hot seat. Jones became famous with his conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a staged government event.

The MSNBC reporter was trying to ask Rubio if he was concerned about bias in Social media. Alex Jones just kept talking over her more or less taunting Rubio. The Senator said he didn’t know who this guy is some sort of joker. Then Jones put his hands on his shoulder and Rubio told him to get his hands off him. Jones said are you going to get me arrested and Rubio said “no I’ll take care of you myself.” Jones then taunted oh he is going to beat me up.

The entire confrontation was pretty juvenile and Alex Jones did not prove any brilliance as an investigative reporter. But the social media star makes over 11 million dollars per year between spreading BS and being a snake oil salesman of vitamin supplements. There are millions to be made on social media if you are willing to be foolish enough.

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