Addressing the elephant in the room

Socialist Venezuela has an answer to skyrocketing inflation and transportation problem, transport in Kennels


Caracas and Venezuela as a whole is suffering due to the results of Socialism and out of control inflation. Their transportation options include walking, riding in dump trucks or “kennels”. The Kennels are enclosed trucks with bars resembling cages. City Transportation buses cannot keep up with inflation to buy replacement parts and fuel.

The transportation kennels which have the support of mayors and Governors, they are even launching their own fleets are extremely dangerous. Since April 55 people have died in the improvised transportation. In Merida 16 people died in one accident in May.

“They’re as ugly as can be. It’s like riding in a livestock cage, you get bumped here, bumped there,” Jose Miguel, a 20-year-old bricklayer from the Caracas suburb of Los Valles del Tuy, told AFP.

“It’s a joke!” he added. “Damn it, if you’re going to provide a bus service, how can you use a kennel!”











This is what Socialist such as Bernie Sanders and the new hero Socialist on the block Alexandria Ocasio Cortez want for America. They may not believe this would be the end result of Socialism but it always is. Ocasio-Cortez says she is a Democratic Socialist and there is a difference but she could not even identify the difference. Venezuelan leader Nickolas Maduro would also identify as a Democratic Socialist. He dangled food for his starving people in exchange for votes in the most recent election.

Bernie Sanders has advocated for Universal healthcare and also guaranteed jobs for all. The problem with these misguided beliefs is Government run anything always is horrible and leads to rationing. You have to look no further than the Canadian healthcare system to see the wait times an rationing. If the US were to let the Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Socialist take over it wouldn’t take long and we would be riding in kennels.

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