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Global warming nut job Al Gore says President Trump is having less impact on environment than he feared


Former Vice President and global warming nut job Al Gore told the Associated Press Monday that President Trump has had less of an impact on the environment than he feared. Gore said the Trump administration has made some dangerous changes in environmental policy but less than he expected.

“He j(President Trump) has had less of an impact so far than I feared that he would. Someone said last year his administration is a blend of malevolence and incompetence,” Gore said in an interview with The Associated Press in Greensboro. “I think they’ve made some mistakes in some of the moves they’ve made. The courts have blocked some of what they wanted to do as a result.”

The Republican-controlled Congress has stepped in at times, he said. “The U.S. system has a lot of inherent resilience,” Gore said. “It’s hard for one person, even the president, to change things very quickly if the majority of American people don’t want them changed.”

Gore was in North Carolina on Sunday and Monday to speak on behalf of the Poor People’s Campaign, which names “ecological devastation” as one of the problems hurting poor people. Gore shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his campaign to protect the environment. Gore getting the Nobel Peace Prize along with Barack Hussein Obama pretty much makes it a meaningless award. He authored a 1992 book on the climate, “Earth in the Balance,” just before he became vice president. His work also includes the 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Gore cited the loosening of regulations to control coal ash as an example of how Trump has damaged the environment. Former (Thank God) President Barack Hussein Obama declared war on the coal industry and President Trump has lifted that war declaration and put people back to work in the coal industry.

“And there are hundreds of other environmental procedures and regulations that Trump’s group has begun to undo,” Gore said. “So he’s doing some damage, but overall I would say less than i had feared.”

Gore cited the Paris Climate Accord as one example of the Trump administration failing to change environmental rules as quickly as it might want. While the United States withdrew from the accord, he says the first date that can become official is the day after the 2020 presidential election.

“If there’s a new president ― excuse me for a moment,” Gore said as he placed in hands together as if in prayer, “then a new president could simply give 30 days’ notice, and we’re right back in the Paris agreement.”

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