Addressing the elephant in the room

Rush Limbaugh pointed out the root fear of the liberal meltdown over newest Supreme Court vacancy

liberal meltdown

Rush Limbaugh pointed out the root fear that is causing the liberal meltdown over the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. Chris Matthew, Morgan Freeman, Cher, Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi are having a collective aneurysm. The reason is they depend on the Supreme Court to prop up their liberal agenda.

Most people probably think Roe vs Wade is Constitutional or a law. It is not, Roe vs Wade and the resulting and the 49.3 abortions since 1973 are the result of 1 too many liberals on the Supreme Court in 1973. The liberals know that shifting the balance toward conservatives that strictly interpret the constitution puts one of their holy sacraments on the chopping block.

“Now, what can possibly justify this kind of meltdown?” Limbaugh asked. “We have three branches of government. We have the legislative, we have the executive, and we have the judiciary,” he said, yet the Democrats are reacting as if the entire government has just collapsed. The reason they are in hysterics, Rush suggested, is that the Left has increasingly grown reliant on abusing the courts to make our representative republic largely null and void.

“What happened yesterday that has caused a meltdown all over the Left?” Limbaugh asked. “Jeffrey Toobin was on CNN (crying), ‘No! Oh, no! (sobs) Roe v. Wade is doomed. (wailing) Oh, my God, babies are gonna live! Oh, no!’ What can cause this? … An 82-year-old judge, one man…has announced that he is retiring and heading off to that great cloakroom, wherever he goes after he retires. And look! Look at the absolute meltdown that has taken place over a single individual saying he’s leaving.”

liberal meltdown

Liberals fear losing sacrament of their party

After some more discussion of the fallout, Limbaugh spelled out his point: The reason one man stepping aside is so earth-shattering is that the Left has used the judicial branch to diminish the other two branches. “The judiciary is their backup for losing elections,” said Rush.

“I mean, you can go back to Marbury v. Madison where the Supreme Court said, ‘You know what? We are going to decide what’s constitutional or not,'” he said. “Or you could go back to Earl Warren and his court 60 years ago where they affirmed, they were gonna sit in judgment, that they were gonna be the final authority. This was never what the Supreme Court was intended to be, the final authority. But the Left insisted on it because the judiciary is their backup for losing elections.”

And how will the Left respond when the courts stop ruling in their direction? “You think they’re just gonna sit there and accept it? They don’t accept anywhere else in our society where they lose,” said Limbaugh.

The point, he said, is that “the executive branch and legislative branch have kind of ceded power” to the judicial. “They’ve let it happen. They’ve let it happen that nine people in robes have the final authority on all of this, when they not supposed to do that, because they’re not elected. They’re not representatives of the people. They are appointed by the president, confirmed by the people in the Senate and so forth, but they are not elected, and therefore they have no direct link to the people.”

“Once the Supreme Court no longer becomes their backstop — once the Supreme Court is not the final authority for their victories — they are gonna be in abject panic,” Limbaugh said to conclude the segment. “Where do they go? It’s kind of like the United States, if it were ever to lose freedom, where in the world do you move to for freedom?…The Supreme Court is the last great hope for the Left.”

Last week the liberal meltdown was over the poor illegal children being separated from their families. This week the liberal meltdown is the new vacancy on the Supreme Court that Trump will get to fill. Next week they will be melting down about something else. These people (liberals) are just miserable people.

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