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Parkland High School monitors fired, they did nothing to stop shooting one hid in closet, there were many Cowards of Broward County

Parkland High School monitors fired

Two Parkland High School monitors fired for doing nothing to stop the shooting. One even hid in a closet. Remind me again how the NRA was responsible for the deaths of 17 students and teachers? Prior to the fake news story of illegal children being separated from their families the press was actually concerned about the Parkland High School shooting. David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez launched their liberal protesting careers.

It is clear that the people who were paid to protect the students let them down big time. Andrew Medina and David Taylor have been fired from their jobs as school monitors. They were both also assistant coaches on the school baseball team.

Medina was first on the scene of the shooting was the first to see Cruz get out of his Uber with a large black bag. He even knew he was dangerous. And did absolutely nothing.

Medina radioed Taylor that Cruz was on campus. Medina did nothing and Taylor went and hid in a closet.

In an interview with Broward County detectives on the day of the shooting, Medina admitted that the school knew the 19-year-old was a risk.

‘Nikolas Cruz. I knew the kid,’ he told detectives.

‘We had a meeting about him last year and we said if there’s gonna be anybody whose gonna come to this school and shoot this school up, it’s going to be that kid.

‘He had problems with everybody, like all of the security people. He was one of those kids who…was rebellious, you know… he had 666 on his book bag. He had the swastika. He had all that crazy stuff.

‘All the signs were there, so they got rid of him.’

Medina and Taylor are the first school officials to be fired for their lack of action to stop the shooting. They join the cowards of Broward County including four Sheriff deputies that hid behind their cars while students were being murdered by Nicolas Cruz. If the students had someone anyone that had an ounce of courage such as the Indiana teacher that risked his life to stop a middle school shooter or the Maryland resource officer that prevented a massacre.

Parkland High School monitors fired and they should have been. The four sheriffs that hid behind their car as well as Chief Israel should have been fired. The NRA did not cause the Parkland shooting. The AR15 did not cause the Parkland shooting. Just one adult with courage may have stopped it.

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