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Nancy Pelosi “If you are going to negotiate with Donald Trump it pays to have a nuclear bomb in your back pocket” what a freaking idiot

nuclear bomb

Nancy Pelosi chimed in again on President Trump’s recent summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. This time saying at the end of a news conference that “it pays to have a nuclear bomb when negotiating with Trump.”

Pelosi began her remarks by saying “The denuclearization of the [Korean] peninsula has been one of the priorities that was spelled out by all of us, but including the secretary of state in advance of the meetings,” said Pelosi.

“The denuclearization of that [peninsula] has certainly not happened nor is there any prospect that it will,” she said.

Pelosi also claimed that Communist North Korea has been selling missiles to other countries. Pelosi visited North Korea several years ago to discuss public policy with officials there.

When asked about selling missiles, according to Pelosi, the North Koreans said, “we don’t sell them for any reason but for money, you want to buy them, we’ll sell them to you.”

Pelosi added that “stopping the spread of weapons of mass destruction is a pillar of our national security.”

Pelosi also criticized the significance of the end of joint military exercises by the United States and South Korea, saying, “You don’t just say we’re no longer going to do exercises with the South because we no longer see a threat in the North.”

Nancy Pelosi thinks you need a nuclear bomb to negotiate with President Trump. I am not sure she would even win if she had a nuclear bomb. This woman is totally devoid of any form of intelligence and once again she babbles through the interview. America had better make sure she doesn’t become Speaker of the House and third in line for the Presidency again.

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