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Nancy Pelosi brings up prayer again in news conference, Democrats are only for prayer when it advances Socialism

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi brought up prayer again at her June 7 news conference. It is amazing that the only time Pelosi and the Democrats think prayer is ok is when they are discussing illegals or criminals. If Christians want to have prayer in school or Mike Pence mentions prayer they have a collective aneurysm.

Partial transcript

As you know, this morning, the Republicans are meeting on immigration.  Lord knows what will come out with that.  Hopefully, the Lord knows.  We’ve been praying very hard on it.

For too long, young Dreamers across the country have been stuck under a cloud of fear and uncertainty.  As you recall, in 2010, we had majority of the Congress, we passed the bill in the House, it got a majority of votes in the Senate, but not the 60 votes needed for passage.  All this time later, we are still trying to protect the Dreamers.  We thank them for the dignity in which they have advocated for their situation, and Congress must do something to address the concerns of these extraordinary patriotic young people.


Pelosi also mumbled through most of the press conference. I think it is important for people to stay informed on Nancy Pelosi. Because some may not know if the Democrats were to regain control of Congress this nutjob would be third in line for President.

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