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Democrat front runner Pocahontas has lost her mind, would rather praise Communist China than Trump

democrat front runner

Democrat front-runner Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren would rather praise Communist China than President Trump. Warren appearing on CBS this morning to promote her new book was asked by host John Dickerson about the Presidents North Korea strategy.

“There is a North Korean official apparently coming to America. You said the president doesn’t look like he has a strategy, but it looks like his calling off the summit last week seems to have lit a fire under the North Koreans. Three hostages have been released, so maybe there is a strategy?” Dickerson said.


“You know, look. North Korea is a bad actor, we understand that, uh and uh, the president had already promised that they could have a meeting with the President of the United States, something that both Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather had long, long sought,” Warren said.

“Then it’s been back and it’s been forth. I want this to work, I want this to work to reduce the threat to South Korea, to Japan, to our allies in the region, to the United States of America, to the entire world, but it really takes a strategy and I look at the comparison with China,” she said.

“Look at what China is doing,” Warren continued. “China’s got the long-term arc and it’s playing everybody. It’s playing North Korea, it’s playing South Korea, it’s playing the United States of America because it has a long-term whole-of-government strategy that keeps driving towards an end.”

The “whole-of-government” strategy is no doubt a product of China’s communist government, which has repeatedly jailed or tortured anyone who doesn’t align with its views.

Does the Democrat front-runner know about China recently removing the term limits on President effectively allowing Xi Jinping to be President for life? Does the Indian want to be realize that China is cracking down and persecuting Christians? Some even on the left see the term limits issue as Xi Jinping setting himself up as a dictator and the Democrat front-runner finds it easier to praise a Communist than the President of the United States.

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